Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being Thankful...

I just received my first End of the year, Christmas/Holiday, What's been going on in our life LETTER...

I think it is fun to receive the early bird letter and what fun to receive it around Thanksgiving and read about the many blessings of my one friend and her family.

Today I got a jump start on Christmas decorating w/ packing up my fall decorations from around the house. I personally love the colors of fall: orange, red's, crisp brown and bright yellows...but now the end of the Autumn season is upon us as the Holiday twinkling lights, greens and red's and silver and gold begin to shine everywhere. In the process of putting away 1 season to prepare for the next...I tend to sit and begin to think back on what has occurred over the last year. This process helps me to write our Christmas Newsletter.

While thinking back on planning a last minute surprise trip to Disney in March, my first chairing of Exploremore Day (school event at the children's school) come off w/out hardly a hitch in May, celebrating a decade of being a Mom as the twins turned 10 in may as well. My thoughts turn toward summer swim lessons, un seasonably cool weather, the kids camps, trips to Michigan w/ family and friends and then most recently celebrating my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, being on the news on Halloween night and wishing Mae a happy 7th and Margaret a happy 3rd...

I am happily reminded of what I am THANKFUL for:

my husband and 4 children

my parents and extended family

my home

my close group of friends and my extended friend-family through our church

my husband's job

my Disney/Autistic support group of friends

the ability to share, create and make memories

my children's schools and their teachers....

and so much more!

I hope the end of 2009 finds you thinking back on more good than bad and your Thanksgiving Day is filled w/ not just a full belly of great food but a full heart of joy and blessings....


Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Year Away....

Can you really get excited for something 1 year away?

Some plan for a wedding 12 months away or planning for a baby 10-9 months away or plan for graduating High School and starting College over a yr why not PLAN for a Disney Vacation.....

And with any good well thought out plan you need a list, goals, things to accomplish and do over this long planning period....not just to fill the time but help make a great trip and well frankly...I am one who agrees Planning for Disney trips is half the fun!

Scrappie's 1-year away to a WDW trip PLAN
* Decide on a Date: check Nov. 2010
* Reason for Going: Girls Birthdays and Thanksgiving
* Choose a Theme: Let's Give Thanks and Celebrate...Disney Style
* Choose where to Stay: check DVC Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort
* Clean out planning Binder and prepare new Planning pages (passport prices, ADR wish list and planning sheet, daily itinerary sheets, park must do sheets, etc): check and in progress
* Start compiling planning data (menus, special events, last yr's park hours and entertainment schedules to use as reference for later, crowd calendars, etc): in progress
* Start preliminary LISTS, also includes updates to old lists (packing, food for room/kitchen, clothes & items already bought for trip, things to buy for trip, every one's TOP 5 picks, etc): in progress
* Make room RESSIE:
* Research and Decide Park Passes: research in progress should purchase before 8-10
* Research and Decide on Dinning Plan: research in progress can purchase up to week before trip for DVC stay
* Prepare a Trip Budget how much money it will cost: check on guesstimate plan
* Research Airfare (cost, flights, carrier): haven't done much here yet, though know like to fly SouthWest again
* Make ADR's (180 days out): 5-10
* Book/Buy any special ticket events or children's programs (i.e. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Bibbidi, Bibbidi Boutique, Pirate's League, etc):
* Do a Pre-Trip Planning Report (on Disboards):
* Make a master and daily itineraries:
*Start on any special projects/crafts for trip (i.e. countdown calendar, autograph books, Michael special guidebook, etc):
* Finalize above lists:
* Pack:
* GO!!!!!!!
Ok I'm sure there are some more miscellaneous details I have not mentioned....but it's fun to see my ticker counting down to get ready for allot of FUN planning to be done for our next Wonderful Disney Adventure...hope you will join me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday's update for 11-9-09 Disney on the Brain

Last week I shared my "To-Do" List and yes it got longer as the days passed, but I accomplished just about everything on there before our couples weekend away! Minus the WDW-NYC custom's back on the list for this week.

No much going on in the land of Disney Memory Making...but hopefully that will be remedied in this coming week!

But what true Disney fan would go for days w/out at least once thinking of Disney or being teased for my vast Disney knowledge by my non-Disney friends...huh?

Over the weekend, several games were played and Disney came up quite often....

What would I associate with "delicious" in a game of Apples to Apples...of the 9 choices someone played the card Walt I may not think of Walt his self as "delicious" but he has inspired some pretty delicious and YUM Fun things at his parks.

In another game of Loaded Questions...I wrote down Disney as my answer to the question what is my addiction. I wrote down Walt Disney World as my answer to what place would I most like to vacation at...duh! and I also referenced my Disboard nickname Scrappie-Do for another question.

And in one other game...I was lead to answer naming the 7 drawfs or drawves?....Sleepy, Sneezey, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey, and Doc.

Oh you can even say I saw some Disney outside...when "Bambi" and two of his friends walked out of the woods.

Have a great Disney week!


Monday, November 2, 2009

A Monday update on a Monday....

can it be so.....

Wow I'm even impressed w/myself. So it is back to waking up w/ the sun and dinner in the dark (well at least that is the way it is here in the central time zone) and it's also back to my weekly to do list.

Want a peek?

* organize bill/receipts on desk and pay bills

* put away Halloween things and downstairs items in hallway

* do my Bible Study, BLOG, and Dis

* send Picassa Halloween Album to family

* pack for weekend (my husband Matt and I are going away w/ 4 other couples no kids except for 2 nursing babies of 2 fiends to MI)

* laundry

* last minute and forget's grocery run

* clean

* make sitting lists for my Mom and MIL (they are taking the kids Mom here w/ Michael and Margaret and Aldine and Mae staying at Matt's parents)

* try to work on NY WDW book

* On Friday: clean my bathroom, finish packing, strip and re-make my bed. pack girls things

Whew...sounds like a busy week ahead but the reward ahead is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!!

but before I get to ahead of myself has any fun memory making or Disney fun stuff been in the works?

* sorry no pictures to share, still need to take but the twins (Michael and Aldine) both had this same assignment from their teachers (different 5th grade rooms) they had a profile face front view of a person they were to decorate and design to look like a job/career they would like when "they grow-up" Can you just guess what my kids picked?

Michael- wants to work at WDW as a Character Performer. We dressed up his paper person as Donald Duck.

Aldine- wants to work at WDW as an Imagineer

and in other Disney fun...little Margaret had a split personality of 2 Disney characters for this Halloween. On Friday she dressed up as Princess Aurora for the kids school parties and on Saturday actual Halloween it was quite cold here she dressed up Jo-Jo the clown (btw why did Playhouse Disney cancel that show...sad) Here are a couple pictures:



Oh and there was this pumpkin carving/decorating contest at the kids school (we didn't enter one) but you got to love this design:




Thursday, October 29, 2009

Past Due Monday's Update and Paper Purses...

Ok, I am very bad w/ keeping up w/ these Monday updates....

So what exciting stuff has been happening in the Disney Memory-Making World of Julie's Head during last week?

Most of last week was full of doctor and special appointments for my children, so my week was pretty full w/ all of that and my Scrapbooking/Memory-making table was neglected. A few fun moments in the week (October 19-25th) were:

* I had a ladies night-out w/ 4 of my girlfriends we chatted over tea and coffee and very delicious chocolate caramel cheesecake in front of the fire at one ladies house for almost 3 hrs...till her husband arrived home late from a business trip. It was nice to just rest and chat about life, food, our kids, an upcoming couples weekend and God.

* Our weekend was packed as well w/ having that same group of ladies and their families over for our monthly small group. I made a delicious, very fall pumpkin cobbler and festive orange rice krispie treats for the children. On Saturday, my husband helped the twins make mud-bricks for a school assignment (they are studying the ancient Mesopotamian culture) and we baked them in disposable bread pans in our oven...I also made meat loaf that we didn't get them confused. And then later that night, we went to a Scouts event at a local Forest Preserve/Equestian Center for a horse drawn hayride in the dark and a bonfire w/ a marshmallow roast. During our hayride, Michael kept his eyes out for a possible floating pumpkin head and the Headless Horseman....

On Sunday, Aldine sang in the church choir and the twins went to a roller skating party in the afternoon....whew!

At lastly to share today, back in September was my future SIL's birthday and as an on-going email joke about what to get her...purses were not requested by my brother. I was having a conversation w/ my Mom about what should I do for her for her b-day? I was low on funds and didn't know what I could buy her. My Mom suggested I make her something and that is how Paper-Purses came to be....

Who knew huh?

Apparently there are how blogs and sites devoted to making Paper-Purses. Well I found 2 cute patterns from this one BLOG: Mel Stampz and also from her site I made a mini scrapbook purse that she used the template from designed by Joyce Jensen.

See my pictures below:

The mini scrapbook purse closed:


and it opened:

scrapbook purse inside

the middle is a 12 x 12 piece of paper cut in thirds then attached together to make one long strip and folded accordion didn't quite turn out as the direction in the future I will modify the instructions on this. As well I added some extra paper pieces inside to cover up the inside folds and make it look a little more presentable.

This is such a clever idea utilizing really 2 pieces of paper and some embellishments....I may try to make a Disney version of would be cute for a little girl, yes?

and here is a very mini purse that I used as a card:




Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The ZURG Years...

in keeping w/ the Recent Toy Story Theme, I thought I would share another JMM creation...

Do you recall how I told you all about Michael's fondness for all things Toy Story? Well that also includes any rides or attractions and characters at WDW that tie in to Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster ride in the Magic Kingdom to name one! It turned out to be a pleasant surprise to me, a un-planned delight when I found 2 specific pictures of Michael from his previous two trips to Walt Disney World. I was working on my Pre-Trip Report on the Disboards and posting some pictures of Michael from our '05 and '08 trips and discovered I had a picture of him in front of the statue of Zurg as you come off the Buzz Lightyear ride from both trips...

I had already started a collection of timeline pictures of my children together from each trip and planning for future ones in front of the Animal Kingdom sign and added in front of Mickey's house. Of course, we always take a picture w/ the Big Mouse himself each trip and my husband and I take a picture on the NYC back-drop too...we have 3 pictures from 6 of our trips.

So it was a very nice surprise that I had these 2 pictures and took #3 just this past March. These timeline pictures and memories inspired me to capture these pictures not just w/ all our vacation photos but to create special custom memory books that can be added to for many trips to come.

And why not share this idea in a Julie's Mickey Memories and More project...I can take your pictures from several trips or a handful of favorite pictures from a single trip and put together a custom book!

Here is one example:

Michael's Zurg book

cover for Zurg book

Materials to get started (and what luck all the papers and stickers I already had):


One of the inside pages (his picture from 2005):

Zurg book picture page

I since added his age and a small sticker to add a little more detail. As well the page proceeding this is a journal space to tell the story behind these pictures and book. Right now it just has the 3 picture pages and he looks mostly the same from the June '08 trip to the March '09 trip...but what fun it will be to add a picture from say a future Disney trip 5 yrs down the road...let's hope he's willing to play along still.

I'm working on the NYC book as I stated before and YES I will post pictures soon.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the Monday Updates...on a Tuesday

I still have some catching up to do w/ some special things to share, but I didn't want another week to go by w/out getting back to my Monday's Updates:

* Potty-Training successes- after my initial post several weeks back, we went backwards w/ our training and on Sunday I declared "that's it!" I decided it was time for some hard-core training here...out goes the on the potty-every hour thing and wondering when is this going to happen, when is Margaret going to be ready or wanting to do her peeps and poops in her little potty-seat? After chatting w/ a girlfriend I just decided let's do the underwear and put some control in Margaret's hands...if it is disastrous, we can take a break and try again. Trying to just be more relxed and let it happen....Yes we've had a bunch of accidents and reluctance to sit on the potty, but yesterday 1 success and today 2! It even warranted a call to Daddy at golly she may be getting it. Still diapers for nap and bed and UGH! wouldn't you know it I just bought two new boxes of diapers and already opened them...

* Disney on the Brain again- One of my special friends and followers is making plans to head back to Disney and her fun has actually enticed me out of this in-between Disney-funk I have been in. So YAY! We are getting closer to 1 the 1 year mark for our next family trip and that means even closer to when I can call and make our first DVC ressie request!

* No go on the Mom's Panel- no worries, it was fun to enter and it was fun to wait and see...but I'll still keep planning and helping anyone who likes my advice.

* Another JMM book in progress- over the weekend I started another custom Memory book of my husband Matt and I from 3 of our last 6 trips: pictures of us posing in front of the NYC backdrop at the Studios.

* Other what-not's- reading a great little book called Shopping for Time: How to Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed by Carolyn Mahaney and her 3 daughters. It is about managing your time w/ a Biblical and God-honoring/Eternal perspective. My first to start waking up earlier and fill myself up in His Word and Prayer. They call it it the 5 AM Club...I'm shooting for the 6:30 AM club for now...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go to your Room and Play with your TOYS!

A few Saturdays back, my family and I had a special outing that we had been looking forward to for a few months, maybe even longer. I had had heard rumors of two of our family's favorite films were to be re-released in anticipation of a new sequel and then a few months later I saw a blip in my Disney Visa rewards guide it was coming soon!


I ripped out the little blip and placed it in my date book for the first week of October...

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were being re-released from Disney/Pixar together for a limited engagement to be show in 3D! We couldn't wait! We have a special love affair w/ these toys, especially our son Michael. We did not see them when they were originally released to the show, but have fallen in love w/ the characters of Buzz, Woody, Ham, Rex, Jessie and Bullseye. When Michael was around 4 1/2 he got his own room and the theme was Toy Story! My husband and I diligently painted his room a brilliant blue and hand-painted over 50 yellow STARS on the walls as a homage to Andy's Room (in the 2nd movie). Michael had pictures from the movies on the walls, plush characters on his bed, a Buzz Blanket (which he still sleeps w/) and a growing collection of toys and friends from these two movies. Since that room, we moved and he changed his room to a Safari theme w/ a huge mural on the wall, but his love for the Toy Story films lives on!

In our basement there is a special corner w/ his collection:

Buzz Lightyear "dolls", a talking Woody doll, a Mr. Potato Head, Etch n Sketch, Slinky-dog, various figurines, ornaments, cars, etc w/ the Toy Story Characters on them and a collection of Plush characters: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Ham, Rex, Wheezy, Zurg...

What is it about this fun child's film that keeps our attention, that we watch in the car on just about any road trip, that we planned months in advance to go see again on the big screen?


A child's joy!

Laughter and smiles!

The wonder of it all!

So back to that Saturday afternoon....Matt, I, my Mom and the 3 older kids hopped in our van and headed off to the show, w/ our tickets and 3D glasses already in hand



(Matt picked them up earlier in the morning). We arrived a half hour before show time and stood in line for our mini rope-drop...just like Disney huh? Michael even dressed for the occasion w/ his new Toy Story t-shirt from Grandma:


The theatre was opened and off we went:


Grandma bought us some big bags of popcorn to share (we bought her ticket) and we found some great seats! We settled in for our 3 hour long movie fest and got ready to remember, laugh and smile!

After the first show there was a 10 minute intermission and they had a fun trivia reel running inside the theatre:


Here are the twins and I awaiting the next show...

After it was over, we enjoyed the blooper reel during the credits then headed home for dinner. Our conversations in the car ride home and over dinner were all about the movies. Our favorite parts, things we liked the best and things we had forgotten about, well mostly me.

I never made the movie to movie connection of Dino-co before between Toy Story and Cars...and I don't think I knew at the end of 1 in the car "Hukuna Matata" was playing. So even after seeing theses movies many time in bits and parts, it was great to find some new magical secrets!

My favorite parts were:

In 1, when Buzz realizes he is not a real Space Ranger and is having tea as Mrs. Nesbit and of course when the toys come alive and freak out Sid. In 2, I love when Zurg tells Buzz he is his father and the blooper reel at the end!

We can't wait till next summer when Toy Story 3 comes out and see what new adventures the toys get into and what new magical memories are waiting!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Child's First Disney Trip Book Completed

So as you may recall, my first Julie's Mickey Memories and More project was the Child's First Disney Trip Memory Book. I decided to start here, for various reasons:

* Idea stemmed from my friend's upcoming trip back to WDW w/ her 2 children next summer.

* The majority of people who travel to WDW/DL are families and are taking young children.

* Everyone wants a special and unique way to capture and remember those wonderful "FIRST" memories of their child. Even though I am a huge crafter and love preserving memories, I know first hand how busy one can be and time may fly away, months after that special moment or trip.

The basis of this book is to give Mom, Dad and Child a way to re-live those special first moments in a bold, kid friendly little keepsake book. The book you will see I specifically designed for a child between the ages of 1-6, but the design can easily be tweaked for an older child who may be going for the first time or for a child returning to Disney for the 10th time!

This book is my template...which gives me an idea of what works and doesn't and allow me to prepare to make more versions in anticipation of selling. Each future book will not be a carbon-copy of the previous and all will be a bit special in their own right. Which I think adds to the personal touch of preserving memories.

The next step is to create a little girl's version: to include more pinks and pastels and Princesses. Then I hope to create a stock and begin the selling process.

Come see my Child's First Disney Trip Memory Book:
"Do you remember the first time you saw the Castle walking down Main Street USA? or how about the first Disney character you took a picture with? or what about that first magical flight on Dumbo and seeing Mickey Mouse or Sleeping Beauty for the first time?
Keep those treasured Memories of your child's First Trip to Disney in this special lovingly handmade keepsake book"
Inside you will find 4 fun-filled sections, one for of each of the main parks at Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. There are special places inside for journaling, pictures and more, making each page full of your child's magical First Memories!"




Here are some more of the pages and tabs inside the book:

DHS tab:

DHS Journal/picture pages:

AK tab:

AK Safari page:

Hope you enjoy this preview....back to preserving more Memories!


"On the BLOG again..."

Do you have the good 'ol Willie Nelson tune floating in your head now?

Sorry to keep my friends and followers hanging for quite some time. As most busy Moms, Dads, and just about anyone knows, sometimes the regular life stuff can creep in like a landslide and it takes several days to un bury yourself. Well, that is kind of what has happened to me lately, plus being sick, that didn't help much.

Still feeling a bit in the yellow on the sick meter, but today is a new day right? RIGHT!

So I am back on my BLOG again....yee-yaw!

There is plenty to catch up in my little Disney fun-filled-scrappin-memory-making little head, but where do we start?

* Music Time- Michael says "put that in your Mickey Memories"
* Paper Purses- who knew?
* Buzz and Woody in 3D!!!!!!!!
* A Child's First DISNEY Trip Memory Book- is done!
* Let's Go back in time w/ ZURG- one example of a Custom DISNEY Memory Book
Please stay tuned....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Disney Wish List...

OK raise your hand! How many of you have some sort of Disney/Vacation Wish List?

I do!

Even w/ money being tight for us and most of the's always wonderful to dream and wish right? and what better place to dream and wish about than Walt Disney World!

As a child, some of my fondest memories are Family Vacations. Every year my parents would take us on some sort of trip, some were small just driving a few hours North into Wisconsin to visit my Dad's Sister and family who loved on a lake and some were large like our only plane trip to WDW and Orlando attractions.

I consider myself quite lucky that my parents invested their time and money into making wonderful family trips a reality for my 2 siblings and I. My sister who is married and has a son, feels the same way as me about vacations, big or small it is such a joy to plan and pick a place to get away from the usual hum drums and stresses of daily life and enjoy some real family time! Now her and I are not alike at all in our planning styles...I am crazily organized down to a T and she is the more plan only what you have to and the rest is going by the seat of your each their own huh? We giggle at each other and luckily my parents appreciate each of our styles since they frequently now travel w/ us and our children.

One of the reasons I do plan so meticulously is that my son Michael lives w/ HFA Aspergers Disorder. He thrives on structure and routine, and knowing what is next. Even though he is a typical Sensory Avoider, trips to the beach or up to his Grandparents' Lake house in Michigan are not as relaxing as they sound. It is too open-ended for him and can become more of an anxiety than relief. At home he has his own space and expectations of what he can and likes to do, but outside this normal comfort zone can be quite daunting. A trip that is full of stuff to do to a point w/ things to do that are scheduled that can help keep him focused on each new thing is actually the vacation he thrives in and luckily we have found this outlet in WDW! I'm not sure how this Magic works, but it does! and it helps that we all love Disney!

Michael and his twin sister have recently been working on homework assignments of a poster board outlining the Cultural Universals of our Family...and they both included Disney...hehehe

so back to this Disney/Vacation Wish List....what is on ours? Here is a little peek:

2010: WDW November to celebrate Mae and Margaret's birthdays plus Thanksgiving

2011: WDW May to celebrate my husband Matt and I 15 yr Wedding Anniversary

2012: Washington DC Summer and WDW ?? a solo trip for me

2013: WDW ?? the next Family Trip

2015: WDW May to celebrate the twins' (Michael and Aldine) 16th birthdays


Friday, September 25, 2009

Are we Going?

No this is not a reference to are we going to WDW...but are we going Potty?

unfortunately, Margaret & I have not quite been successful and have already fallen off the PT wagon....

We were real persistent that first day Monday (no tink in the pot yet), but then it kinda went downhill. Poor Margaret has several food intolerances which cause her little belly to be easily irritated. We shall try again tomorrow to get back on track and basically for her just to get used to the routine will be a good thing!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Segment....Adventures in Potty-Training...

So to borrow a phrase either from some cheesy '80's movie or really from my good friend Kathy..."Adventures in....."

I think it would be helpful and somewhat laughable (i hope to be laughing here) to share the "Adventures in Potty-Training" of my youngest Margaret....she is 34 months and 1 day old....and I have had high hopes of training her earlier and faster than my other children....I am just done w/ the whole diaper changing thing.

My first crazy high hopes attempt was last February, thinking "oh what joy it would be to have her potty-trained before our Disney trip (last March)" well that didn't last a week....

Then I thought oh this past summer would be a great time to train her...yeah right! That also never happened.

So now that the older 3 are in school, schedules have calmed down a bit, this is the time, right?

well we'll see. I really think after being sick and having icky diapers she is icked out by doing the business in a diaper. I'm not too sure how this will work...but my goal for now is baby steps, but to stay persistent and not give up!

Step 1) Start today! We will go "potty" every hour and sit on her little seat for at least 2 minutes w/ a kitchen timer. Wearing a Princess pull-up we hope not to make the little hearts disappear!

Step 2) well I haven't thought that far yet...ha

Ok wish us luck and I'll let you know how it pans out as we go along....


Monday's Update...

Sorry Everyone I got a bit behind in my Monday updates.....

between having a nasty stomach bug rotating thru our home over the last 2 1/2 weeks and who knows what else, not much excitement has been brewing....and I have not had much time to work on my projects....but this is the week to get caught up!

The minor Disney what-not's that have been going on are:

*closed up my trip report from our bounce back Spring break trip from last March on the Disboards

*tweaked this BLOG and added some fun things....have a few more things I hope to do!

*helped my husband prepare a slide show for his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary (that we celebrated this past weekend) and that included some pictures from our '05 trip

*sang "Just Can't Wait to be King" in the car w/ the whole has become a bit of a tradition now when we go up to my in laws Michigan Lake House, when we are almost there, we belt out this tune all-together!

*and of course the movie choices for the kids for the car ride to and from were both Disney films (Bolt and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

Have a Great Disney Week!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The first Project....

(You get a 2fr special tonight!)

Very happily I have been able to stock up on Disney scrapbook supplies and needs and start planning out some special "test" projects to get my ideas out there for my Disney Memory Inspired Products.



As you may recall as I mentioned in my first BLOG post, that I would love to begin a little home business, sharing my love for Disney and preserving these memories by making books, etc for fun does that sound?!

So I have begun!


One of my very good friends is going back to WDW next June w/ her two little ones for their first trip. And the idea came to me, a memory book to fill in w/ journal spots and pictures about all the wonderful firsts of going to Walt Disney World.

I will share several pictures below.

Other projects that I have in mind are:

* Mini Autograph Books

*Fill-in Scrapbook Pages

*Custom Memory flip books

*Special Guidebooks for children (thinking in mind of my son Michael who has Autism)

So here is a first look at a future Julie's Mickey Memories Item....ENJOY! (Comments are welcome)

It will be a 5-section tabbed book held together w/ 3 jump rings. There will be a section for each of the 4 parks with 2 additional pages in each section for journal and pictures, plus 1 just for fun section for misc things.


MK title

1 of the MK pages (sorry blurry)
MK page Mickey house & Dumbo

Opinion requested!!!! w/ the new Fantasyland Rehab beginning ??? I assume sometime late this yr or beginning of you think the Dumbo ride will still be open in the original location during construction before re-opening in the current Toontown area? I also read that Toontown will be razzed for this expansion but Mickey and Minnie's houses will be moved to the front of the park. My concern is of course I already designed this page and what if when they go, they can't even go or get to these things....huge bummer and flaw in the book then...kwim? thanks

Epcot title

1 of the Epcot pages
Epcot main page

I am hoping to finish up the Studios tab and pages and AK this week...can't wait to share some more and then the finished product.



What's Old is NEW Again...

Ok I know this doesn't have to do w/ Disney, but it is so cute....

The other Day my Mom called me to tell me that my Dad had found an old box of mine in their attic marked "Barbie's". So she brought it over and her, Margaret & I dug through the old box of my childhood treasures. I really didn't know I had any Barbie stuff left at their house...but we indeed found some treasures and Margaret was so excited.

There was some clothes, kitchen dishes, furniture, a little stove and the jackpot was the Barbie spa Hot-tub..complete w/ bubble action that you supply by pumping the pump on the side.


later during the weekend all 3 girls played w/ the hot-tub and a few Barbies including an Ariel....(oohh there you go the Disney tie-in HA) and had such a BLAST....



Margaret wasn't too crazy about getting her picture....

and one of the funnier parts of this story, is my brother and future sister in law stopped by last night and I was telling them about the box and she just flipped that I still had this....she remembered having it as kid too...I told she could come over anytime to play....hehehe


Thursday, September 10, 2009

WDW Mom's Panel

So I just submitted my application for the WDW's Mom's Panel for the 2010 Panel. I applied for the 09 panel as well....but it didn't go anywhere. So hopeful as ever I am trying again.

I just love to go, plan and preserve all thing DISNEY...that I think the Mom's Panel of helping other guests, first-timers and people like myself w/ their trips and would be so fun and very rewarding!!!

Plus not to mention a free trip for 4! Now who would I bring...hmmmm

Wish me some great Magical Luck!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday's Update...9-7-09

So this will be my attempt at a weekly start of the week update to let you know what is going on and what Disney stuff has happened to me or someone in my family....

Yesterday was Labor Day and I was Holiday for a SAHM, huh? So what did I do?

Well we can start off in the wee hours of the morning w/ being awoken by screams of one of my children, Margaret, waking up after getting sick in bed. My husband gets up w/ me, we take care of her and the mess and then get her back to bed and ourselves when not 20 minutes later, she threw-up again...oh no. so you get the idea of how the rest of my day went...and no different today as all 4 kids are sick and the 3 older ones are home...ICK!

But on the upside I also did this:

*laundry (several times)

*checked in on the Disboards

*Typed up the "history" post here

*did a little emailing

*ran to the grocery store

*watched a movie during lunch and folded laundry

*and the most fun thing....I worked some more on my first Disney Project!!!!

I will be introducing my first Julie's Mickey Memories and More project in the coming days.



Monday, September 7, 2009

My "history" w/ Disney...

The other night my family was playing a quickie version of Disney's Scene It before was our own Blitz rules version and we started adding in Bonus Questions to get around the board quicker...when the Bonus Question came up..."what are Daddy's two all-time favorite animated Disney movies?" (btw the answer is Alice in Wonderland and Fantasia) and that got me to thinking about moments in my life where Disney has been part of my history or I was part of a bit of Disney history...

so here you go:

The 2nd official date that my husband & I went on, when we officially began dating was Aladdin (April, 1993)

I was working for the Disney Co when The Lion King came out in the theatres (Summer of 1995)

I was not quite 1 1/2 when the Space Mountain Attraction opened (January 15, 1975) and my Parents w/ my older sister went to WDW for the first time, I stayed home w/ grandparents.

My first trip to WDW was in the summer of the 1985, I was almost 11 yrs old. (I have since been 6 times), and I have been Disneyland once in the summer of 1988 and rode the original Star Tours there.

I remember seeing both the original Tiki Bird room (before it went under new management) and Pirates of Caribbean when the Pirates chased the ladies (or wenches).... in the Magic Kingdom.

And in Tomorrowland, I have rode on both the WED-way people mover (1985) and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and endured the orginal ExtraTERRO-Restrial Alien Encounter (circa August 1995)

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Pleasure Island in WDW at in the now gone 8-Trax is where I ordered my first drink (I think a strawberry daiquiri)...(August 30, 1995)

Some other long gone Magic Kingdom attractions that I remember going on as a child and adult were...the Skyway across Fanstlyland, Mr. Toads's Wild Ride and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. (circa 1985 & 1998)

The first movie we took our then 2 1/2 yr old twins to was Disney's PIXAR Monsters Inc. We still have our, Mike, Sully, and Boo plush/doll (circa 2001)

We were on a plane for a WDW vacation w/ our twins and my parents when we were forced to land in Indianapolis Indiana on September 11, 2001.

We were vacationing at WDW on May 5, 2005 when Soarin' opened in EPCOT, though we didn't ride till our trip in 2008.

At EPCOT, I remember The World of Motion (now the Test Track Pavilion) was my favorite part of Epcot when I was a kid (1985), I also remember the original Journey Into Imagination w/ Dreamfinder and Figment.

I vacationed at Epcot when it was known as EPCOT Center (1985), Epcot '94 and Epcot '95 and now just the current name Epcot....

I remember falling and scraping my knee during our 1985 family trip, and you can see me looking at my wound in a picture of my Mom in the UK pavilion in a red phone booth.

It wasn't till I came home from our 1998 trip, did I realize I was pregnant for the first time.

I remember when Disney Hollywood Studios was MGM Studios...

The first parade I saw at a WDW park (besides walking out during DL's "Spectro" was MGM Studios Aladdin and Friends Parade. (1994)

I owned and wore the classic YELLOW Mickey rain poncho. (1995)

I saw the Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey show in 1998.

I vacationed at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in it's opening year of 1998.

We saw the fully walking Audio-Animatronic baby brontosaurus, Lucky during our trip in May of 2005 (at AK).

We bought a piece of the magic (DVC purchase of Disney's Bay Lake Tower) during our March 2009 trip.

well that is a little of my history w/ Disney and I'm sure there is more to come....


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday 8-31

So it is a start of a new week, the end of 1 month and almost time for a season I just turned's all good.

What did I do today and how did Disney play into it?

* I downloaded pictures off my camera's memory card (something I have been putting off for a few weeks now)

* Went on the Dis and got caught up, plus did a few postings

* Organized my old WDW trip notes form the 08 and 09 trips into a folder

* Watched an old Friends tv show (The One with the Poker)

* made meals, cleaned up, etc

* took Michael to a Doctor's appointment

* and the most time consuming thing of my day was organizing and deciding what FREE photos I would order from Shutterfy (an Archivers promo). I earned 100 free ones! I didn't just want to randomly pick anything, so I figured out which one's I'd like for a small scrapbook about our recent WDW trip and ones to finish Michael's Age 6 album and ones to start Mae's Age 3 album which includes her Jo-Jo Circus birthday party. As well I ordered 4 8 x 10 (which 2 were FREE) pictures, 1 of each of the kids that I'm going to do a special scrapbook frame of each child to put up! Oh and some other WDW pictures from various years to start up some cute mini special Disney themed albums!

Can't wait to get my pictures and get SCRAPPIN!!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Disney Personality

When I am not at Disney World, most of my Disney or Diz fun comes from the Disboards (GO DISERS!) and recently I posted on my current trip report there a "Get to know Your Inner Disney" Quiz....

I decided I would tweak it a bit and tell you a little bit more about my "Disney Personality"


My first Disney Memory:

From the 84/5 trip I would have been 10 or 11, I vividly remember riding the then version of Journey Into Imagination and buying a Figmant plastic figure (which Micheal now has) and my Dad losing his swim trunks off the balcony of our hotel. I also remember thinking my parents were in love…not that they are not now, but that’s probably when I really first knew it.

My Disney planning style?

Since 05 and now that I’m addicted to planning boards and sites, I find that I'm a happy OCD planner but can be flexible when needed. I'm finding a happy medium between well drawn out plans and going w/ the flow too. I like to plan as such Days (when we'll go), Resort (where we'll stay), parks (which park which day and plan in a rest day), dining (where we'll eat Table Service -ADR's and counter service picks), tour (the order of what we want to do see), the magic stuff (don't forget all the fun little stuff too!)

If I was in a Disney movie who would I be?

Probably the White Rabbit, I always feel I’m running late

Something I do every trip:

Since ’94 take a picture of my husband Matt & I at the NY backdrop in the Studios

Something I have never done:

Have a Dole Whip (I know there are a few more things too)

Would I ever consider moving to Orlando to work at WDW and what job would I want?

Oh YES! I’d love to be a Tour Guide or work w/ the kids in the special kid-only adventures.

What is my favorite Disney song?

“When you Wish Upon a Star” and the “Circle of Life”, I was working for the Stores then when LK came out to the movies.

What Disney Mom would I most like to be?

Mrs. Incredible....I could really use those stretchy arms sometimes.

If I designed the perfect Disney vacation, what would it include?

For the short answer: 3-4 weeks, stay at a different DVC resort and Poly resort one each week. Do all the regular stuff, and the little stuff you don’t always have time for, i.e. to find all the little magical “secrets”. See all the parades and shows, there so much how could I name it all!

If I had only 1 hour to spend at WDW what would I do?

I’d get a Mickey Mouse rice krispie and watch Spectro and if time walk thru the Castle.

Who are my favorite Disney characters?

Cinderella- classic princess

Mulan- modern princess

Piglet- he is just too cute

Tink- she embodies magic and I like her Spunk

Mary Poppins- wouldn't we all like to be her for a day....

What is my favorite Disney souvenir?

I love my purse from Japan my Mom bought me in 05, it does not have any “Disney” on it, but I still love it. AND my Disney picture frame collection oh and I guess my new DVC Member tote bag

Does every room in my house have at least 1 Disney item in it? Name which rooms and stuff.

Except for 3 of our 4 bathrooms, duh YES!!!!!
Kitchen & Family room: Mickey serving ware and a set of plant pots, WTP glasses, Disney mugs and antique classes and magnets.
Living Room & Dining Room: My Disney scrapbooks, frames w/ pic’s from trips & WTP collectibles
Main Hallway: the Mickey Mouse silhouette collage frame DH made me
Michael’s room: LK pictures and various Disney collectibles
Mae & Margaret’s room: Princess EVERYTHING and a huge plastic mural of Cinderella Castle
Aldine’s Room: Lilo and Stitch pictures and various Disney collectibles
Kids Bathroom: All Mickey, paint shower curtain, towels, 05 collectible litho from WDW, and a collection of WDW plates from their 25th b-day
Our bedroom: lei’s from the Poly, Mickey clothing, bags and watches (hey that counts) and the Disney Planning Box is on the Floor!
Screened Porch: Disney Parks Sand bucket print
Basement: A drawing by Aldine from 1st grade of the MK and B & W pictures of us w/ Mickey from last 3 trips, Micheal’s Toy Story collection and a gazillion toys
Scrapbooking Room: collection of refillable mugs and a Chef Mickey’s Mug when it was at the Marketplace from ’95, car toppers, pictures, books, etc….

If I had to sum why I LOVE Disney so much, what 3-5 words would I use?

Wonderful Exhilarating Dreams (did you get that?)

Have a magical Disney Day....


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Planning already...

I guess you can call me a "Disney Freak" or that I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to being organized and especially w/ planning family trips w/ Disney in invisible Mickey ears are popping out when ever I get a brain tickling idea about an upcoming trip!

On the Disboards recently I came across some body's post (willonlyflytodisney) and their thread on this really cool and personalized Disney planner pages he/she had made! I was impressed and thought I could piggy-back this poster's ideas and tweak them for myself. (so thanks)

After fiddling around w/ various Office programs, I went back to my steady and true Publisher and created my own cool planner pages.

Planner pages for what you may wonder?

Well I am a BINDER GEEK!

A 3-ring binder geek. I re-used an old Women's Bible Study binder and found some tab/page dividers and got busy before our 2008 trip. I created different sections and filled them up w/ useful tips, menus, maps, itinerary name it. W/ the 09 trip I tweaked it a bit more and now w/ the upcoming 010 trip I've tweaked it even more and I'm sure over the course of the next several months my binder will get a pretty face lift!

So the new additions that have had my Disney side of the brain on overload the past week are:

A Crowd Report Table to fill in the info from various sites that chart and predict how bad or good the crowds will be and which parks are recommended as good or poor choices for your travel dates.

A Park picks page...I will create and fill out one for each of the 4 main parks and write down out musts/to do list, hours, Extra Magic Hours, Dining choices, etc to help plan each park days itinerary.

A Daily Itinerary Page, I have created Days 1 and 2 so far and can later fill in the info of what we plan to do, where we are going, where to eat etc.

and I'm sure there will be more....

The other crazy Disney thing I did this week was over the last weekend I discovered my middle daughter's swimsuit had ripped, so I went online to check if I could find her a new suit for the rest of the summer season on the Disney site. Well not only did I find her a suit but I also bought matching Disney logo shirts in different colors (well Mae and I will both have pink, I wanted the Disboard lime green but they didn't have my size) one for each member of my family. Plus I ordered some new "green day" shirts for 4 of the 6 of us. I always plan a color or theme on each park day...and for the past 2 trips Animal Kingdom has been "green day". Oh and I guess I should mention that I have matchin purple Tink ringer shirts for me and the girls that I bought last summer in 08....and yes all these shirts are for a trip over 16 months away.

kinda bad huh? or very well organized

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little Disney...

How much do I enjoy Disney and all things Disney?

Quite alot actually! How did this love affair again? well back in the Spring of 1993, I had recently needed to medically withdraw from college after only 1 semester and found myself heading back to school at the local community college and needing a car and a job! A trip to one of the nearby malls, I had my mind set to fill out an application w/ the Warner Brother's Store...when walking by the Disney Store I saw an old friend and decided why not, let's do one here too.

Well guess which store called me in for an interview? you know the answer!

I actually only worked as a CastMember for about 18 months, but I enjoyed it very much. I even met my very best friend through working for the stores. One of my favorite memories of my time there was when The Lion King came out to the theatres. In the stores we had these big screens that showed video clips etc...much like today. The movie montage screen in our store would show the opening sequence w/ the Circle of Life song....I will always remember going to see it the actual movie opening weekend w/ a group of co-workers and shouting out to the movie screen "Coming to a Theatre Near You!"after the Circle of Life played and the movie title appeared on the screen....well that's what it said in our store for a month preceding the opening....I guess you had to be there.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of me in the costume...but I will post a pic soon of my CM pin and Steam Boat Mickey pin!

After a trip to WDW in March of 1994...I couldn't get enough and 6 trips later I'm looking forward to our next adventure there in November of 2010 to celebrate Mae and Margaret's birthdays!

So how do I pass the next 18 months before we go back to WDW?

a little planning here and there

Disney movies, shows, music....

Posting about our last trip (March 09) on the DisBoards

looking at photos and scrapbooking Disney stuff

and right now I checked out from the library one of Walt Disney's Biography to read.

well come back and see how my little Disney adventures are going, won't ya?


Thursday, May 14, 2009

newbie at best

Thursday, May 14th

Today I find myself intrigued by a friend's blog and hearing about other's using BLOGS as a way to communicate, share, and utilize a vast computer universe so to speak.

I'm no literary expert or have any major talents and news, but am I regular Mom to 4 wonderful children and maybe this will be a way to reach out meet more people and have a lasting version of what my current life and ways are to share and remember in the future.

What I hope to accomplish?

Stay in touch w/ some family and friends I don't see often.

Keep a record of special and the "living in it" moments of things going on around me

As a SAHM, I hope to venture out and use my love for scrapbooking, trip planning and making memories and turn it into a loving home business for myself and family. This blog can help me get my "ideas" out and track my progress and growth

So join me in this new adventure