Thursday, July 16, 2009

Planning already...

I guess you can call me a "Disney Freak" or that I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to being organized and especially w/ planning family trips w/ Disney in invisible Mickey ears are popping out when ever I get a brain tickling idea about an upcoming trip!

On the Disboards recently I came across some body's post (willonlyflytodisney) and their thread on this really cool and personalized Disney planner pages he/she had made! I was impressed and thought I could piggy-back this poster's ideas and tweak them for myself. (so thanks)

After fiddling around w/ various Office programs, I went back to my steady and true Publisher and created my own cool planner pages.

Planner pages for what you may wonder?

Well I am a BINDER GEEK!

A 3-ring binder geek. I re-used an old Women's Bible Study binder and found some tab/page dividers and got busy before our 2008 trip. I created different sections and filled them up w/ useful tips, menus, maps, itinerary name it. W/ the 09 trip I tweaked it a bit more and now w/ the upcoming 010 trip I've tweaked it even more and I'm sure over the course of the next several months my binder will get a pretty face lift!

So the new additions that have had my Disney side of the brain on overload the past week are:

A Crowd Report Table to fill in the info from various sites that chart and predict how bad or good the crowds will be and which parks are recommended as good or poor choices for your travel dates.

A Park picks page...I will create and fill out one for each of the 4 main parks and write down out musts/to do list, hours, Extra Magic Hours, Dining choices, etc to help plan each park days itinerary.

A Daily Itinerary Page, I have created Days 1 and 2 so far and can later fill in the info of what we plan to do, where we are going, where to eat etc.

and I'm sure there will be more....

The other crazy Disney thing I did this week was over the last weekend I discovered my middle daughter's swimsuit had ripped, so I went online to check if I could find her a new suit for the rest of the summer season on the Disney site. Well not only did I find her a suit but I also bought matching Disney logo shirts in different colors (well Mae and I will both have pink, I wanted the Disboard lime green but they didn't have my size) one for each member of my family. Plus I ordered some new "green day" shirts for 4 of the 6 of us. I always plan a color or theme on each park day...and for the past 2 trips Animal Kingdom has been "green day". Oh and I guess I should mention that I have matchin purple Tink ringer shirts for me and the girls that I bought last summer in 08....and yes all these shirts are for a trip over 16 months away.

kinda bad huh? or very well organized

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