Thursday, September 10, 2009

WDW Mom's Panel

So I just submitted my application for the WDW's Mom's Panel for the 2010 Panel. I applied for the 09 panel as well....but it didn't go anywhere. So hopeful as ever I am trying again.

I just love to go, plan and preserve all thing DISNEY...that I think the Mom's Panel of helping other guests, first-timers and people like myself w/ their trips and would be so fun and very rewarding!!!

Plus not to mention a free trip for 4! Now who would I bring...hmmmm

Wish me some great Magical Luck!




  1. Good Luck Julie!! When do you find out if you move one in the application process?

  2. I guess if you move on to the 2nd round you will get a phone call or maybe email....It would be quite awesome!