Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday 8-31

So it is a start of a new week, the end of 1 month and almost time for a season change....plus I just turned 35....it's all good.

What did I do today and how did Disney play into it?

* I downloaded pictures off my camera's memory card (something I have been putting off for a few weeks now)

* Went on the Dis and got caught up, plus did a few postings

* Organized my old WDW trip notes form the 08 and 09 trips into a folder

* Watched an old Friends tv show (The One with the Poker)

* made meals, cleaned up, etc

* took Michael to a Doctor's appointment

* and the most time consuming thing of my day was organizing and deciding what FREE photos I would order from Shutterfy (an Archivers promo). I earned 100 free ones! I didn't just want to randomly pick anything, so I figured out which one's I'd like for a small scrapbook about our recent WDW trip and ones to finish Michael's Age 6 album and ones to start Mae's Age 3 album which includes her Jo-Jo Circus birthday party. As well I ordered 4 8 x 10 (which 2 were FREE) pictures, 1 of each of the kids that I'm going to do a special scrapbook frame of each child to put up! Oh and some other WDW pictures from various years to start up some cute mini special Disney themed albums!

Can't wait to get my pictures and get SCRAPPIN!!!!


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