Monday, November 2, 2009

A Monday update on a Monday....

can it be so.....

Wow I'm even impressed w/myself. So it is back to waking up w/ the sun and dinner in the dark (well at least that is the way it is here in the central time zone) and it's also back to my weekly to do list.

Want a peek?

* organize bill/receipts on desk and pay bills

* put away Halloween things and downstairs items in hallway

* do my Bible Study, BLOG, and Dis

* send Picassa Halloween Album to family

* pack for weekend (my husband Matt and I are going away w/ 4 other couples no kids except for 2 nursing babies of 2 fiends to MI)

* laundry

* last minute and forget's grocery run

* clean

* make sitting lists for my Mom and MIL (they are taking the kids Mom here w/ Michael and Margaret and Aldine and Mae staying at Matt's parents)

* try to work on NY WDW book

* On Friday: clean my bathroom, finish packing, strip and re-make my bed. pack girls things

Whew...sounds like a busy week ahead but the reward ahead is going to be WONDERFUL!!!!!

but before I get to ahead of myself has any fun memory making or Disney fun stuff been in the works?

* sorry no pictures to share, still need to take but the twins (Michael and Aldine) both had this same assignment from their teachers (different 5th grade rooms) they had a profile face front view of a person they were to decorate and design to look like a job/career they would like when "they grow-up" Can you just guess what my kids picked?

Michael- wants to work at WDW as a Character Performer. We dressed up his paper person as Donald Duck.

Aldine- wants to work at WDW as an Imagineer

and in other Disney fun...little Margaret had a split personality of 2 Disney characters for this Halloween. On Friday she dressed up as Princess Aurora for the kids school parties and on Saturday actual Halloween it was quite cold here she dressed up Jo-Jo the clown (btw why did Playhouse Disney cancel that show...sad) Here are a couple pictures:



Oh and there was this pumpkin carving/decorating contest at the kids school (we didn't enter one) but you got to love this design:




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