Thursday, February 7, 2013

This is not the February I ordered...

( editing note: using blogger app so photos are in order but not in the text...)

February is suppose to be getting close to the end of Winter not the start of it...but here in Chicago, Mother Nature can't quite make up her mind, a week ago we had 3 of the 4 seasons in a matter of days and NOW the snow comes...ugh well at least my daughter was able to finally play outside and make this sweet snowman

(snowman picture)

My original pinispiration goals were to keep up with my Magic Mondays and Fix-it Fridays plus the overall goal was focusing on making better and healthier choices for myself in terms of snacks and excercise ...I wanted to be doing this

Getting fit:

(exercising picture)

And making healthier snack/lunch choices

But unfortunately I've been sick

( kleenex picture)

And dealing with other household illness like the cashew attack on my youngest, don't worry she's ok now and I have a new accessory in my purse...her epi pen.

( Naomi-Ruth in hospital picture)

Hoping to get on the right track soon, so hang in there with me.

Thanks, Julie

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fix-It: Home Command Central: operation fridge information

Here is the conclusion to our home's new Command central area....the fridge information highway :-)

Reminder of how it looked before:

a bit messy, disorganized and items on fridge that really were not in use or helping with home function (ie the chore chart...its under those notes)

To start any fix-up need two things:

A Clean Slate

and some inspiration, mine came from pinterest (but of course)

My Finished Project:

it may not look as fancy or a cute as my inspiration photos above, but so far it is working out quite nicely! I want to expand the area to the walls on either side of our Laundry room. I have some boards up, but now i have new plans to make this how entry way work better for all of us.

 After pulling everything off, sorting into piles, and deciding want i needed to be on the fridge; I basically added another magnetic file/paper holder (found at Target), a magnetic flip sorter, a magnetic list maker, some pictures and inspirational/happy thoughts.

The flip chart holds our basic master weekly calendar, a family chore chart and the "What's Cooking?" for dinner. plus room for a few other items. I found the various printables on truly is amazing what other people have come up and share their ideas for you to implement into your daily lives :-)

The two magnetic file holders are split into 4 sections:
take-out menus
school/activity calendars
phone books (school, clubs, church)
chore/practice charts

***Note I will share more on these cool charts I found on freeprintablebehaviorcharts in another post, but lets say so far the kids and Mom like them!

Well get busy and get organized.

thanks for reading, Julie