Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Disney Personality

When I am not at Disney World, most of my Disney or Diz fun comes from the Disboards (GO DISERS!) and recently I posted on my current trip report there a "Get to know Your Inner Disney" Quiz....

I decided I would tweak it a bit and tell you a little bit more about my "Disney Personality"


My first Disney Memory:

From the 84/5 trip I would have been 10 or 11, I vividly remember riding the then version of Journey Into Imagination and buying a Figmant plastic figure (which Micheal now has) and my Dad losing his swim trunks off the balcony of our hotel. I also remember thinking my parents were in love…not that they are not now, but that’s probably when I really first knew it.

My Disney planning style?

Since 05 and now that I’m addicted to planning boards and sites, I find that I'm a happy OCD planner but can be flexible when needed. I'm finding a happy medium between well drawn out plans and going w/ the flow too. I like to plan as such Days (when we'll go), Resort (where we'll stay), parks (which park which day and plan in a rest day), dining (where we'll eat Table Service -ADR's and counter service picks), tour (the order of what we want to do see), the magic stuff (don't forget all the fun little stuff too!)

If I was in a Disney movie who would I be?

Probably the White Rabbit, I always feel I’m running late

Something I do every trip:

Since ’94 take a picture of my husband Matt & I at the NY backdrop in the Studios

Something I have never done:

Have a Dole Whip (I know there are a few more things too)

Would I ever consider moving to Orlando to work at WDW and what job would I want?

Oh YES! I’d love to be a Tour Guide or work w/ the kids in the special kid-only adventures.

What is my favorite Disney song?

“When you Wish Upon a Star” and the “Circle of Life”, I was working for the Stores then when LK came out to the movies.

What Disney Mom would I most like to be?

Mrs. Incredible....I could really use those stretchy arms sometimes.

If I designed the perfect Disney vacation, what would it include?

For the short answer: 3-4 weeks, stay at a different DVC resort and Poly resort one each week. Do all the regular stuff, and the little stuff you don’t always have time for, i.e. to find all the little magical “secrets”. See all the parades and shows, there so much how could I name it all!

If I had only 1 hour to spend at WDW what would I do?

I’d get a Mickey Mouse rice krispie and watch Spectro and if time walk thru the Castle.

Who are my favorite Disney characters?

Cinderella- classic princess

Mulan- modern princess

Piglet- he is just too cute

Tink- she embodies magic and I like her Spunk

Mary Poppins- wouldn't we all like to be her for a day....

What is my favorite Disney souvenir?

I love my purse from Japan my Mom bought me in 05, it does not have any “Disney” on it, but I still love it. AND my Disney picture frame collection oh and I guess my new DVC Member tote bag

Does every room in my house have at least 1 Disney item in it? Name which rooms and stuff.

Except for 3 of our 4 bathrooms, duh YES!!!!!
Kitchen & Family room: Mickey serving ware and a set of plant pots, WTP glasses, Disney mugs and antique classes and magnets.
Living Room & Dining Room: My Disney scrapbooks, frames w/ pic’s from trips & WTP collectibles
Main Hallway: the Mickey Mouse silhouette collage frame DH made me
Michael’s room: LK pictures and various Disney collectibles
Mae & Margaret’s room: Princess EVERYTHING and a huge plastic mural of Cinderella Castle
Aldine’s Room: Lilo and Stitch pictures and various Disney collectibles
Kids Bathroom: All Mickey, paint shower curtain, towels, 05 collectible litho from WDW, and a collection of WDW plates from their 25th b-day
Our bedroom: lei’s from the Poly, Mickey clothing, bags and watches (hey that counts) and the Disney Planning Box is on the Floor!
Screened Porch: Disney Parks Sand bucket print
Basement: A drawing by Aldine from 1st grade of the MK and B & W pictures of us w/ Mickey from last 3 trips, Micheal’s Toy Story collection and a gazillion toys
Scrapbooking Room: collection of refillable mugs and a Chef Mickey’s Mug when it was at the Marketplace from ’95, car toppers, pictures, books, etc….

If I had to sum why I LOVE Disney so much, what 3-5 words would I use?

Wonderful Exhilarating Dreams (did you get that?)

Have a magical Disney Day....


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