Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being Thankful...

I just received my first End of the year, Christmas/Holiday, What's been going on in our life LETTER...

I think it is fun to receive the early bird letter and what fun to receive it around Thanksgiving and read about the many blessings of my one friend and her family.

Today I got a jump start on Christmas decorating w/ packing up my fall decorations from around the house. I personally love the colors of fall: orange, red's, crisp brown and bright yellows...but now the end of the Autumn season is upon us as the Holiday twinkling lights, greens and red's and silver and gold begin to shine everywhere. In the process of putting away 1 season to prepare for the next...I tend to sit and begin to think back on what has occurred over the last year. This process helps me to write our Christmas Newsletter.

While thinking back on planning a last minute surprise trip to Disney in March, my first chairing of Exploremore Day (school event at the children's school) come off w/out hardly a hitch in May, celebrating a decade of being a Mom as the twins turned 10 in may as well. My thoughts turn toward summer swim lessons, un seasonably cool weather, the kids camps, trips to Michigan w/ family and friends and then most recently celebrating my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, being on the news on Halloween night and wishing Mae a happy 7th and Margaret a happy 3rd...

I am happily reminded of what I am THANKFUL for:

my husband and 4 children

my parents and extended family

my home

my close group of friends and my extended friend-family through our church

my husband's job

my Disney/Autistic support group of friends

the ability to share, create and make memories

my children's schools and their teachers....

and so much more!

I hope the end of 2009 finds you thinking back on more good than bad and your Thanksgiving Day is filled w/ not just a full belly of great food but a full heart of joy and blessings....



  1. Hi Julie! As I read through your list of memories from 2009 I was happy to remember when you originally shared each of them. I'm thankful to you for sharing those memories with your DIS/Blog friends & letting us into your life. Happy Thanksgiving! Amy

  2. Thanks for sharing that Julie. How important for us to remember all the little things that make up our wonderful lives!

  3. Julie - Hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving. Here's to a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! ♥