Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's Old is NEW Again...

Ok I know this doesn't have to do w/ Disney, but it is so cute....

The other Day my Mom called me to tell me that my Dad had found an old box of mine in their attic marked "Barbie's". So she brought it over and her, Margaret & I dug through the old box of my childhood treasures. I really didn't know I had any Barbie stuff left at their house...but we indeed found some treasures and Margaret was so excited.

There was some clothes, kitchen dishes, furniture, a little stove and the jackpot was the Barbie spa Hot-tub..complete w/ bubble action that you supply by pumping the pump on the side.


later during the weekend all 3 girls played w/ the hot-tub and a few Barbies including an Ariel....(oohh there you go the Disney tie-in HA) and had such a BLAST....



Margaret wasn't too crazy about getting her picture....

and one of the funnier parts of this story, is my brother and future sister in law stopped by last night and I was telling them about the box and she just flipped that I still had this....she remembered having it as kid too...I told she could come over anytime to play....hehehe


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