Sunday, September 13, 2009

The first Project....

(You get a 2fr special tonight!)

Very happily I have been able to stock up on Disney scrapbook supplies and needs and start planning out some special "test" projects to get my ideas out there for my Disney Memory Inspired Products.



As you may recall as I mentioned in my first BLOG post, that I would love to begin a little home business, sharing my love for Disney and preserving these memories by making books, etc for fun does that sound?!

So I have begun!


One of my very good friends is going back to WDW next June w/ her two little ones for their first trip. And the idea came to me, a memory book to fill in w/ journal spots and pictures about all the wonderful firsts of going to Walt Disney World.

I will share several pictures below.

Other projects that I have in mind are:

* Mini Autograph Books

*Fill-in Scrapbook Pages

*Custom Memory flip books

*Special Guidebooks for children (thinking in mind of my son Michael who has Autism)

So here is a first look at a future Julie's Mickey Memories Item....ENJOY! (Comments are welcome)

It will be a 5-section tabbed book held together w/ 3 jump rings. There will be a section for each of the 4 parks with 2 additional pages in each section for journal and pictures, plus 1 just for fun section for misc things.


MK title

1 of the MK pages (sorry blurry)
MK page Mickey house & Dumbo

Opinion requested!!!! w/ the new Fantasyland Rehab beginning ??? I assume sometime late this yr or beginning of you think the Dumbo ride will still be open in the original location during construction before re-opening in the current Toontown area? I also read that Toontown will be razzed for this expansion but Mickey and Minnie's houses will be moved to the front of the park. My concern is of course I already designed this page and what if when they go, they can't even go or get to these things....huge bummer and flaw in the book then...kwim? thanks

Epcot title

1 of the Epcot pages
Epcot main page

I am hoping to finish up the Studios tab and pages and AK this week...can't wait to share some more and then the finished product.




  1. I love your book idea Julie!! It's beautiful! I was waiting patiently to find out about your home business. It sounds like that would be right up your alley! I'd be intereseted in one of your special guidebooks!! You probably already knew this, but now you can buy Disney products online that used to only be available at WDW. I was browsing and noticed a section devoted to scrapbooking & thought of you.

    As far as the Dumbo question - I just learned about the rehab and don't really know how they will phase out the old and in the new???

  2. Hi Julie!

    Love your ideas!! I definitely want you to include something in "the book" about your stuff... perhaps it will help grow your business!

    I don't recall hearing anything specific about the location of the new Dumbo... just that they are building on what is currently Ariel's Grotto and the old 20,000 Leagues site, plus Toontown.

    I'm sure more info will follow...

    Happy to be following you here now, as well as on the DIS!!


  3. Hey Julie,

    I love the book-great idea for younger Disney fans to have something fabulous to help them remember their special trip...

    I think Dumbo is continue to be open as is for quite a bit still-I can't imagine them closing down the current one until pretty close to the completion of the new one...but I guess we'll be seeing soon...

    I could see it also being fun to have a book like that with one for the parent (probably a mom) and one for the child...

    can't wait to see more Julie's Mickey's Memory items...

  4. Hey Julie!
    I love the book...I would have defintiely ordered on from you for our first trip!

    Good luck with the business!!


  5. Thanks for the comments everyone....

    I guss for now I will keep the Dumbo/Mickey house pages in for my girlfriends' children's books and will watch the progress of the rehab when I get ready to sell!