Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Child's First Disney Trip Book Completed

So as you may recall, my first Julie's Mickey Memories and More project was the Child's First Disney Trip Memory Book. I decided to start here, for various reasons:

* Idea stemmed from my friend's upcoming trip back to WDW w/ her 2 children next summer.

* The majority of people who travel to WDW/DL are families and are taking young children.

* Everyone wants a special and unique way to capture and remember those wonderful "FIRST" memories of their child. Even though I am a huge crafter and love preserving memories, I know first hand how busy one can be and time may fly away, months after that special moment or trip.

The basis of this book is to give Mom, Dad and Child a way to re-live those special first moments in a bold, kid friendly little keepsake book. The book you will see I specifically designed for a child between the ages of 1-6, but the design can easily be tweaked for an older child who may be going for the first time or for a child returning to Disney for the 10th time!

This book is my template...which gives me an idea of what works and doesn't and allow me to prepare to make more versions in anticipation of selling. Each future book will not be a carbon-copy of the previous and all will be a bit special in their own right. Which I think adds to the personal touch of preserving memories.

The next step is to create a little girl's version: to include more pinks and pastels and Princesses. Then I hope to create a stock and begin the selling process.

Come see my Child's First Disney Trip Memory Book:
"Do you remember the first time you saw the Castle walking down Main Street USA? or how about the first Disney character you took a picture with? or what about that first magical flight on Dumbo and seeing Mickey Mouse or Sleeping Beauty for the first time?
Keep those treasured Memories of your child's First Trip to Disney in this special lovingly handmade keepsake book"
Inside you will find 4 fun-filled sections, one for of each of the main parks at Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. There are special places inside for journaling, pictures and more, making each page full of your child's magical First Memories!"




Here are some more of the pages and tabs inside the book:

DHS tab:

DHS Journal/picture pages:

AK tab:

AK Safari page:

Hope you enjoy this preview....back to preserving more Memories!