Thursday, May 14, 2009

newbie at best

Thursday, May 14th

Today I find myself intrigued by a friend's blog and hearing about other's using BLOGS as a way to communicate, share, and utilize a vast computer universe so to speak.

I'm no literary expert or have any major talents and news, but am I regular Mom to 4 wonderful children and maybe this will be a way to reach out meet more people and have a lasting version of what my current life and ways are to share and remember in the future.

What I hope to accomplish?

Stay in touch w/ some family and friends I don't see often.

Keep a record of special and the "living in it" moments of things going on around me

As a SAHM, I hope to venture out and use my love for scrapbooking, trip planning and making memories and turn it into a loving home business for myself and family. This blog can help me get my "ideas" out and track my progress and growth

So join me in this new adventure


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