Monday, September 21, 2009

New Segment....Adventures in Potty-Training...

So to borrow a phrase either from some cheesy '80's movie or really from my good friend Kathy..."Adventures in....."

I think it would be helpful and somewhat laughable (i hope to be laughing here) to share the "Adventures in Potty-Training" of my youngest Margaret....she is 34 months and 1 day old....and I have had high hopes of training her earlier and faster than my other children....I am just done w/ the whole diaper changing thing.

My first crazy high hopes attempt was last February, thinking "oh what joy it would be to have her potty-trained before our Disney trip (last March)" well that didn't last a week....

Then I thought oh this past summer would be a great time to train her...yeah right! That also never happened.

So now that the older 3 are in school, schedules have calmed down a bit, this is the time, right?

well we'll see. I really think after being sick and having icky diapers she is icked out by doing the business in a diaper. I'm not too sure how this will work...but my goal for now is baby steps, but to stay persistent and not give up!

Step 1) Start today! We will go "potty" every hour and sit on her little seat for at least 2 minutes w/ a kitchen timer. Wearing a Princess pull-up we hope not to make the little hearts disappear!

Step 2) well I haven't thought that far yet...ha

Ok wish us luck and I'll let you know how it pans out as we go along....



  1. Ha Ha! You know the nurse in me laughed when you used the term, "how it pans out!" I've a great deal of experienc in bed pans, as well as diapers. If its any consolation to you, little diapers are better than adult diapers if you know what I mean!! Good luck! ~ Kathy

  2. I had no idea I made that pun.....oohhh that was bad...Ok at least I am laughing....thanks!

  3. Good Luck Julie & I hope you are all feeling better now.

  4. Hey Julie,

    Ummm-well good luck with that...Isn't amazing the stuff you wind up doing and getting excited about when you're a mom? I constantly laugh when I think of my before and after kids reactions and how different they are...;-)

    But seriously good know it will's just a matter of when...