Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a Sample book...

Hello to my followers and friends...

One of the main reasons I began this BLOG last yr was to share my love for DISNEY in a MEMORY well to share this new fun "business" I am hoping to do for friends and others alike.

I am now ready to begin putting together a Sample Book to have in my home and eventually here online in my BLOG to showcase all my projects.

I have a few projects ready to go that I am making for myself and now am ready to make others for you!

If you are interested in having me create (for a fee) a special keepsake for you...please let me know.

If you are a member of the Disboards please pm me otherwise please leave a comment and we can work something out.

I hope to create several pieces to use as samples to share when I get ready to "sell" in a broader scale.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Destination NYC c/o WDW

YAY for me...

I have accomplished one of my January Scrapping Goals and this is for JMM's too! I have hinted to this book for awhile now and it has sat on my scrapbook desk for months waiting to be completed...(there actually is one more thing to do, but it's close).

One of my JMM's Projects are my Custom Mini Books. I love the idea of a mini keepsake book to just showcase a few key photos and special memories. For most people you look at pictures or organize pictures not just to look at now but to remember in the future and how often do we look back at precious photos and memories and remark at how we have changed (or not) and how we or more specific our children have grown...

this inspired me in one of the Custom Mini Books I'd like to create:

Time-Line books

I currently have 2 books in the works, one which I shared last yr of my son Michael and his pictures in front of Zurg outside the exit line at the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster Attraction at WDW.

the other book is my NYC backdrop book...

Every trip that my husband and I have taken to WDW together has included a photo stop at the NYC backdrop in Disney's Hollywood Studios...

I unfortunately don't have backdrop photos to include in this book from our first 3 trips (1994, 95, 98) but am glad I can start this now and continue to add to it for many more trips.

We laugh at how DH wore the same shirt to DHS two yrs in a row and can remember how hot the 2008 trip was just by looking at a photo.

Please enjoy this latest Julie's Mickey Memories Creation:

NYC c/o the Mouse


the inside pages:


as you can see on the above page...I still have to add a text story to tell about the theme of the book (I'll share it later)



Before I close out this post I'd like to share one other fun "scrap-booking" project I did as well last week. My brother is getting married in March of this year and his future wife is an avid scrapbooker like me, so it seemed most fitting for me to design and give them two custom scrapbooking gifts. I opted to make frame-able scrapbook pages for them to fill in w/ pictures later: 1 for their honeymoon which will be in Hawaii and 1 for their actual Wedding day.


she really loved them, and several of her friends were impressed and thought they were so took no time really and it was so fun to make these for them. I can't wait to see the pictures in them soon.

Hope you find something creative to do this week and make someone smile!


Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to all!
*Now that the new year is upon me, like most, I begin to think about what goals and desires to I have for myself and my family. I also begin to think more about what fun things, events and milestones I'm looking forward to this year!
*Some of those things include:
-our WDW trip in November (of course)
-my brother's Wedding in March
-my parent's 40 Wedding Anniversary in April
-the twins finishing up Elementary School in early June and starting Middle School (6th grade) in late August
-Michael's crossover into Boy Scouts
-Summer overnight camps for the twins
-Mini summer get-aways to Michigan
and more...
*Today I looked over my previous Goal List for 2009 and started thinking about my "list" for this year, 2010. On the Disboards, there is this fun thread I have participated in, in listing mostly my creative/scrapbooking goals but as well some personal and home repair goals...
*I'd like to share w/ you a portion of this GOAL list and what relates to "Julie's Mickey Memories" and to our upcoming WDW trip in November.
*Julie's Mickey Memories:

1) create Meghan's First WDW Trip Memory Book (girl version of the book I made last yr)
2) finish WDW-NY backdrop book up through the last trip
3) create some more samples
4) create books for Diane B.
5) hopeful more custom books to sell
*For the 2010 trip:

1) make a new WDW trip guide for Michael
2) make custom autograph books for each child
3) create (add in pictures) b-day/memory books for Mae & Margaret
4) create special dinner/event invitations on the computer
5) make new journal/activity books for myself and the kids
6) keep up my PTR/TR and BLOG
*This year in the BLOG:
-I plan to continue some of my "Monday Updates" but they will be the first Monday of each Month (the first one in Feb) to recap mostly my Creative endeavors and any other personal fun notes to share.
-I will still post and share the process and making of any items I make for JMM
and I will share some other misc. things that have to do w/ Disney...
since most of my followers also follow my Pre-trip reports and Trip reports, I will do my best to not duplicate too much.
-If you don't already...feel free to stop by and visit me on my PTR on the Disboards... I'm Ordering a big BLT for Thanksgiving 2010
thanks and happy Disney Day...