Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday's Update...9-7-09

So this will be my attempt at a weekly start of the week update to let you know what is going on and what Disney stuff has happened to me or someone in my family....

Yesterday was Labor Day and I was working...no Holiday for a SAHM, huh? So what did I do?

Well we can start off in the wee hours of the morning w/ being awoken by screams of one of my children, Margaret, waking up after getting sick in bed. My husband gets up w/ me, we take care of her and the mess and then get her back to bed and ourselves when not 20 minutes later, she threw-up again...oh no. so you get the idea of how the rest of my day went...and no different today as all 4 kids are sick and the 3 older ones are home...ICK!

But on the upside I also did this:

*laundry (several times)

*checked in on the Disboards

*Typed up the "history" post here

*did a little emailing

*ran to the grocery store

*watched a movie during lunch and folded laundry

*and the most fun thing....I worked some more on my first Disney Project!!!!

I will be introducing my first Julie's Mickey Memories and More project in the coming days.



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