Saturday, October 10, 2009

"On the BLOG again..."

Do you have the good 'ol Willie Nelson tune floating in your head now?

Sorry to keep my friends and followers hanging for quite some time. As most busy Moms, Dads, and just about anyone knows, sometimes the regular life stuff can creep in like a landslide and it takes several days to un bury yourself. Well, that is kind of what has happened to me lately, plus being sick, that didn't help much.

Still feeling a bit in the yellow on the sick meter, but today is a new day right? RIGHT!

So I am back on my BLOG again....yee-yaw!

There is plenty to catch up in my little Disney fun-filled-scrappin-memory-making little head, but where do we start?

* Music Time- Michael says "put that in your Mickey Memories"
* Paper Purses- who knew?
* Buzz and Woody in 3D!!!!!!!!
* A Child's First DISNEY Trip Memory Book- is done!
* Let's Go back in time w/ ZURG- one example of a Custom DISNEY Memory Book
Please stay tuned....

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