Friday, March 29, 2013

MAGIC Mon-Friday: a special trip countdown

Blessed Good Friday to all! I hope you have a Spring like and restful weekend :-)

Spring looks like its finally sprung up around our least on the inside as we prepare for Easter this weekend:

I hinted awhile back on my FaceBook page with this photo:

That I was up to some MAGIC Monday fun, it took me a few different spurts of time to complete but it is done and I'm happy to share my NEW Disney Countdown for an upcoming trip in April!

I found some inspiration on Pinterest (but of course) from these two great crafter blogs:

disneydreamin4familyfun.blogspot disney-vacation-countdowns.html

this ladies' blog has lots of great ideas from big to little countdowns. I was inspired by her Mickey head cutouts w/ shorts :-)


mncrafts.blogspot disney-vacation-countdown

I liked the idea of attaching the countdown Mickey heads onto string from this blog post :-)

I got to work and per usual my attempt is to use what I already have in the house!

I got started by cutting out the Mickey Heads seen above. I used my cricut and the Mickey Font cartridge.

I cut out 30 heads using size 4, I was able to cut 4 heads out of a single sheet of 12x12 black cardstock. I saved the silhouettes for my daughter to craft with.

Next I made a list of 30 simple "activities" for the countdown and printed out on regular paper which I cut into squares. The "activities" range from just a fun Disney quote, watching a movie, to packing. This countdown is just for my Husband and I. So the goal was just cute, simple and fun!

The next step was to cut out the Mickey shorts. I used red cardstock and the cricut again. This time I used the George/Shapes cartridge and made 15 circles in size 3. I was able to squeeze 5 circles on a 1/2 sheet of 12x12 cardstock. A few of my circles cut some edges trimmed off by another circle...but my goal in crafting is FUN not perfection :-)

Next was Assembly time: I cut the circles in half and used adhesive on the curved edge and attached to the Mickey Head. Then folded the activity square and tucked it inside. Then searched through my button stash for white and/or yellow buttons which I added with glue dots.

I had the 30 heads all lined up on my long work space...

Now I needed to put it all together into a workable countdown! I used a thin piece of 12x12 cardboard and attached a colorful piece of 12x12 cardstock to it.

I inked the edges in black for a nice effect.

Used my cricut to cut out a title "Days 2 Disney"

(had a small mishap with the Disney "y: so it looks funky up close but oh well....)

A search through my ribbon collection and I figured out a rough length of string and made 3 rows. Attached the string on the back with tape and added a string to the top as a hanging point. This string needs to be re-enforced with stronger tape since hanging it up though. 

I flipped over all the Mickey heads and tapped them to the strings.

And Viola! it is complete! I totally love how it turned out. My husband and i made one change to it after hanging we flipped the numbers around so you counting from the bottom up. Oh and realized one Mickey is missing his buttons...whoops, hope his shorts don't fall off ;-)

there you have it! Enjoy and thanks for reading, Julie

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