Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Wordless" Wednesday: Autism Awareness

For today the first Wednesday in April, I wanted to share some photos of my children as they have grown over the past 4 years as we have been "Lighting it up BLUE" in support of AUTISM AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE.

All 4 of my children posses various behaviors of Autism, from social delays, speech issues, sensory, perceptive issues as well as lack of executive functioning and more. 3 of my children have been diagnosed on the Spectrum while one my youngest is not she has severe food intolerances and allergies.

Being a parent of 4 special needs children is no easy task, nor is just being a parent at all. For my husband and I we tackle battles that may seem trivial or unacceptable to those looking in from the outside.

We don't always manage the best and often have a hard time dividing ourselves to help, support, and advocate daily for our children. But we DO because of the Grace of GOD, and from an amazing support group of family and friends....

So when you read and look at my pictures, are a parent or not...I don't post for pity or am saying: look at me and what I do....but for awareness...check out these amazing kids and know there are SO many others like them. The next time you see a child melting down in the store, or a child making odd noises and spinning in circles, or a child who likes to sniff your clothes, or a child who doesn't want to be touched, or a child who is extremely smart but is very unorganized....don't ignore or frown upon them or their parents, but just send a look of Acceptance, and " it's OK!"

Thanks, Julie

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