Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Special DISNEY craft

Hello to the Blogger World,

I know it has been sometime since I've been on here...but after my Sick-bruary coma, I'm excited to March forward and get crafty for the coming Spring and some upcoming Disney trips :-)

before I get back to regular schedule posting, I have been invited to be a guest blogger on violetimperfection

My Disney friend Leslie is having a Special DISNEY week on her blog YAY!

I offered to do a simple Disney craft. I got started by thinking about what do I have in my craft room (you know I like to reuse and re purpose), what would be something fun and unique, and of course checked out some inspiration on Pinterest ;-)

I have a plethora of these

and a have a collection of frames waiting to be used. Hmmm?

I found this great idea on Pinterest scrappingthemagic.com art-with-park-maps

and was able to  complete this craft in less than and hour and as in my guest blog's title I'm all about "imperfection" so if its not lined up just right and however it turns out...the point of CRAFTING is to bring some MAGIC and JOY into your home and life :-) I hope you agree.

Before I get to the craft, here are some fun Disney questions and answers to get to know how my Disney brain ticks...

1) When was your first Disney trip?

I went as a kid, when my family in the mid 1980's. It was a big deal trip, we even flew! Stayed off site, before I even knew what that meant at a Ramada Inn and we went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot (besides some other unmentionable theme parks in the Orlando area). I remember the now gone World of Motion Ride being my favorite attraction. I still have a few souvies from that trip too.

2) If you could have any Disney attraction in your backyard what would it be and why?

The tea cups...LOL
I love to laugh and have a good time and this ride always delivers, besides who wouldn't want one of those cups in their backyard, purple and green please.

3) What is the one Disney food that you must have on a trip?

Believe it or not, this "food" really is a newer addition to my Disney obsession...a Dole Whip Float please. Vanilla and Pineapple. YUM!

4) What is your best Disney tip or advice?

Truly enjoy the little and special spontaneous moments that happen there...I'm an avid planner, but never let the itinerary or schedule over rule the day. From special character meet and greets, pin trading, or just plan talking with a Cast Member...those end up being some of my favorite moments.

Now back to the maps and a frame:

You saw my maps and here is a simple white 8 x 10 frame from Target and piece of card stock

I started by taking the fake photo out of the frame and folded into 16 equal rectangles

 then I made a small template out of a piece of card stock

I used this to trace out the image from my maps and times guides

once I had them all traced out, I cut them with a small paper cutter and arranged them on the fake photo template

 then I transferred them to the piece of card stock trimmed to fit in the frame

I had to hand trim a few of the rectangles to fit better. Then I outlined each piece with a black flair pen

Here is a look at the finished project:

Not only is it neat to look at but serves as a mini trip down memory lane from several past trips to WDW. I had another matching frame, so decided to make one more:

After my eldest daughter saw my map art, she pulled out her collection and is inspired to do a map project herself!

Some other map craft ideas are:

* using as a decorative cover to an old box or bin to keep your Disney trip stuff in

* cut maps to fit the outside of a 3 ring binder to have as a trip planner, journal, etc

* use in your scrapbook layouts

* create coasters with them

the ideas are endless....Happy Crafting and thanks for reading, Julie

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