Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January's almost over...

It's a balmy 50+ degrees outside on this late Tuesday afternoon, here in Chicago land, feels more like Spring than late Winter. Where's the snow? None here, but the younger girls go to school in their snow boots since its so MUDDY outside after an ice storm turned rain.

Sorry that life has gotten in the way of keeping up w/ the Blog, but have no fear I have been hard at work still organizing, doing the PIN thing, and keeping creative!

As January is wrapping up (which is absolute hard to believe) it's time to get a bit caught up and show you my efforts thus far in my goal of reorganizing my life and home!

Organizational projects that I have tackled have been my :bedroom closet

the linen closet

BEFORE: very scary... 

AFTER: looking way better!

took a trip to the $1 store and stocked up on bins, pulled everything out one Sunday afternoon: sorted for keep, toss and donate. then got to putting stuff back in. Even had Matt fold up the sheets into the pillowcases as seen on pinterest. Looking at several pins about linen closet organization helped too...gave me some great visuals to get started. Final step is to make some pretty labels for the bins.

our laundry/pantry/mudroom:

this is a serious work in progress...get back to telling you more about this project later ;-)

the infamous:junkdrawer

"new" desk areas for the kids and myself

 the BEFORE space, being used by myself AND the kids...just not working

The CURRENT after...(still a work in process)

a home command central area (which goes with the above project)

a better way of organizing all those papers, finances, and everything else a Stay at Home *or any parent/homeowner needs to keep track of

some of these projects have been completed YAY! and others are well on there way to hopefully making life a bit easier and happily organized :-) for all

I will share w/ you in more detail, some of that organization that I have been tackling over the last several weeks and actually putting into weekly/daily use!

stay tuned for upcoming post...
thanks, Julie

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