Friday, January 11, 2013

Fix-it-Up FRIDAY: my bedroom closet

Happy 2013!

Have you made any resolutions, goals or plans to help "improve" your life or the way you do things? I hope you have at least reflected on the previous year and look forward to what this new year of TWENTY THIRTEEN will bring.

for myself, besides scrapbooking goals of trying to get a few albums and projects caught up, I also looked at what else I enjoy and how to put that into practical use.

I'm a PINTEREST addict, and sadly proud of it.

however how much of what I PIN do I put into action? well time to put that to test in my PINTEREST 2013 challenge. you can see how this unfolds in hopeful weekly installments of "Fix-it-Up FRIDAY's"

the first installment was tacking my bedroom closet. We have two closets in our bedroom a his and hers set, but lately my usual neat self has been letting this closet become a catch all for anything. Plus after hubby repainted the room in October, we still have no closet doors up yet, so it has been becoming a sore spot for myself. The "his" side is whole other story.....

first credit due:
 I found some pinspiration from this pin:

creativity exchange

(also used some of these methods for my daughters shared closet)

Here's the Before:

clothes toppling over themselves, poor use of floor storage and current space

What I wanted to achieve was:
a) better shoe storage
b) better organization of my folded shirts and sweaters
c) more effective use of the space and current storage items

The biggest goal was to use what I already have in the space and re purpose any other storage items not currently in use. I decided to rearrange the shoe storage, move sweaters into a box and take the bags that were in the boxes on the floor and put in storage bags on the top shelf. Plus I found some unused cube baskets and cloth bins to help keep everything neat and organized. I had earlier in the year cleared several piles from my closet of clothes that didn't fit or I didn't need. so this truly was an achievement in organization, although I did pull several things out that could be kept else where.

let's take a look at the after photos:

neat and organized!
(Hubby is going to cut me an extra self from his side to have even more shirt storage and I want to buy some clothes organizers to keep the shirts in for an even neater presentation)

no junk and boots spilling over under my dresses anymore

moved the current shoe organizer to an upright position to allow better hanging room above. As well all the boots all stacked on top. (Eventually I will purchase some nicer pant hangers to hang the boots and get ride of the boxes all together like in this pin:

the floor bins now filled with my sweaters and some misc items...but wait this doesn't stay like this for long.

  the middle section of the closet, sorry didn't take a decent "before" shot was just piled with stuff. Now it looks so much nicer.

all the bags neatly organized up stop

one basket cube has my ball cap collection and the other swimwear

the cloth bins have my smaller go to purses/bags and extra pj bottoms and tops

this was my original plan for the smaller dress shoes and sandal/flip flop collection, but in the end Hubby wasn't a fan and either was I, especially since it covered up artwork from the kids.

so several pairs went in the shoe cubbie

and the rest went in here, the snacks and misc. stuff found a new home under my bed in an organizer that was poorly being used.

so there you have it! hope it brings you some inspiration this weekend to organize a bit in your home!

thanks for reading, Julie

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