Friday, January 18, 2013

Fix-it-Friday: the junk drawer

Are you happy the end of the "work" week is here? I know I am, and its a no school day here, so kind of nice not to have the usual hustle and bustle of the day...

Today's Fix-it-Friday Post is a dreaded area to tackle, but took really no time at all :-)

How many of you have a space like this somewhere in your home?

the dreaded junk drawer area

Oh I periodically clean through this drawer and straighten it up and I probably am the biggest culprit of just tossing the "junk" in there. So yesterday, enough was enough and time to put some of those $1 store purchases to work.

I began by excavating all the little magnets, pencils, twist ties, old batteries, coupons, and more from the drawer and then placed in the handy $1 store drawer organizer bins into the drawer.

from there I begin to refill the bins:

I of course unloaded a pile of garbage, misc items of my husbands and a bunch of odd and ends that belong to kids. Happily everything seem to fit back in quite nicely. So I went from this scary drawer:

To something that looks quite Pin worthy:

Now the trick will be how long will it stay like that?

Well I hope I inspired you to tackle a small organizing challenge this weekend and thanks for reading, Julie

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