Thursday, March 6, 2014

40 bags in 40 days challenge

It has been awhile since I have been able to post and keep up with weekly blog/pinterst ideas. I'm sure this llllooooooonnnnnggggg Winter that has been plaguing us all has something to do with it.

Thankfully the other day I saw several of friends posting links to the 40 bags in 40 days Challange.
 I'm IN!

What a better way to flush out junk, misc stuff, old files, movies, toys, clothes, etc. Anything is game!
Plus hopefully at the end of those 40 days, SPRING will finally be here.

You can check out more information about the woman behind this crazy but great idea in several places

@whbsblog #40BAGSIN40DAYS

You can even print out a handy chart to organize and see your success. Here is a picture of my proposed schedule:

I left the last 4 days blank in hopes these days will be used for outside stuff or for other areas I determine later.

I took some pre pictures as well of a few of my targeted areas or sore spots

My son's closet

Top shelf in our front hall closet

Kids school papers

Top of the fridge

The overflowing bins full of pencils, crayons and markers

Overflowing piles of stuff that I'm half way through sorting in the basement

Piles, bags and bins of memorabilia 

Old videos...there is more.

Well happy bagging!

Thanks for reading (see below for direct links to updates),

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