Sunday, January 5, 2014

Simple Organizing: idea 1) magazine clutter

Is one of your resolutions for 2014, to be more organized?
I feel that is always on my list and I actually like be organized so finding clever and more efficient ways to do this is my ongoing resolution.

Keeping it simple and easy is best. You don't need to tackle huge re organization projects, start simple like organizing that overflowing magazine and catalog basket:

My Mother always has a huge collection of magazines that she will pass on to me to look at. I especially like the simple realistic decorating magazines with LOTS of pictures. If you are Nything like me, I will tear out pages of pictures, recipes, etc that I want to save and reference later. 

One super simple way of doing this is using Pinterest. What's Pinterest? I like to describe it as an electronic bottomless magazine basket.

This morning while I sipped my coffee I went through the pile and tore out several pages:

From there I used my iPad camera app and took individual pictures of the items I liked and pinned them to various boards I have on my Pinterest page. Such as this cool collectible antique train schedule:

I pined this in home inspiration/crafting. This would be a neat and not that hard to make with a board,chalkboard  paint and permanent we'll see if I do this later in the year ;-)

From looking through the magazines, tearing pages and uploading to Pinterest, it took maybe 1/2 hour.

Alternative idea:
So what if you don't have a Pinterest account or have no interest? Or you don't have a convienent way upload photos to an idevice or computer.

Pick up or reuse a 3 ring binder and buy sheet protectors from the dollar store. As you tear your magazine pages to reference later you can slide them into the page protectors ( even several pages). 

Have fun organizing this new year!
Thanks for reading Julie 

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