Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MAGIC Monday ( a day late): Mummy Lights

Today's Magic Monday craft is so easy and fun you could even do with your kids!

Lets's dress up some empty canning jars Halloween style!

Supplies you'll need:

Empty canning jars, various sizes
Battery operated tea lights
Googling eyes ( could use different sizes or colors too)
A box of gauze bandage roll. I was able to cover 3 big and 3 med jars with one roll.
Also not pictured, some tape regular and double sided or photo splits


Unravel and unfold the gauze roll

Attach one end to the jar with a piece of tape. I used masking as didn't have any clear on hand.

For the smaller jars I cut the gauze in half

Wrap the gauze around a few times, but not too thick otherwise the light won't flicker through as well. Cut off desired length and press down. The gauze will stick together

 Next are the eyes, I used photo splits to attach to the jars

Add the "candle" and you are all set!

Here's my inspiration for this simple craft found on Pinterest:


Enjoy! And thanks for reading, Julie

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