Monday, October 14, 2013

MAGIC Monday...tasty fall treat

Today my family and I shared a special and quite easy fall treat as we shared this nice day "off"

Inspired by many pins on Pinterest about MINI CARAMEL APPLE BITES, we decided to give it a try.

I saw some that used a melon scooper, or just cut apples into chunks, we opted to do spears.

I also read reviews and ideas of caramel not sticking to the juicy inside of the apple. Which found was true. We created a mini caramel apple bits to eat right away, so that didn't much matter to us, but I could see how if you were making these for a party, it might not look so appealing.

A simple how to:

We blanched our apple slices in ice cold water for several minutes as we melted caramels and I also had a hand some dipping chocolate. 

I dug out a variety a toppings, all nut free for our house and whatever I had on hand. We used different sugars, coconut flakes and sprinkles. 

I prepared the dipping and sprinkling area with some parchment paper and we used cupcake wrappers to hold our apple slices in.

Toothpicks were used as the apple holders and we go to it! All I can say is YUMMY!

Have some fall fun this week, thanks for reading and ENJOY! Julie


  1. Looks totally yum! Thank you for the photos. They add so much!

  2. thanks for the comment Lori, I agree photos do add to the fun