Monday, April 8, 2013

PINspiration wrap from March...

We are entering the 2nd week into April and I wanted to give props to some amazing blogs and pins that I found inspiration from during last month...

I got our Irish LUCK on with these fun decorating and celebration items:

I emptied the Epsom "snow" from my mason jars that were decorated for Christmas and Winter and added dried split peas. Plus made these Shamrock pixie sticks.

Found inspiration from these two PINS:

and this photo:

I was inspired by these candy treats:

and I made Candy "Shots"

Got Matt in the act as we made these homemade Shamrock chips:

Found the inspiration and directions here: baked-alternatives-to-potato-chips
We received rave reviews of design but not everyone liked the taste...

On actual St. Patrick's Day before we went to church we had a Lucky breakfast:

Moving into the next Holiday for the month of March, we celebrated Easter...

I changed out the shamrock sticks and added wooden eggs to the jars, plus found these sparkly wooden Easter tags in the $ bins at Target...

 My youngest daughter Naomi-Ruth and I had fun making some paper plate crafts during our Spring Break. I found the inspiration and directions off these two PINS:

A few other Easter items:

This was the first year I hard boiled eggs in the oven, inspired by Pinterest. Overall it was a lot easier and didn't stink up the kitchen. But unsure if all the eggs cooked evenly through as some when cracked open to eat seemed undercooked. I will probably do again in oven, but rotate my pan 1/2 way through since I don't think my oven cooks evenly anyways.

we made Peeps Smores for the first time:

My youngest daughter has severe food allergies and intolerances, which can make Holiday treats difficult to match or make for her. I found this cute food serving idea on Pinterest:

I filled plastic eggs with fruit and treats she can have and brought in to Brunch with us. She was thrilled to have her very own Surprise treat eggs:-)

I also wanted to do a cute hairstyle for Naomi-Ruth and since I'm hair "dumb" and went to Pinterest and found this cute hairstyle in a picture posted and copied it:

If two Holidays in ONE Month wasn't family also celebrated the birth of my sweet new Nephew :-) AND my Mother's Birthday. We had PINspired desserts at my house:

The hardest part was scooping the oranges out of the rinds. I just used a spoon. Be careful of small holes in your rind bowls, cause the jello will leak right out. We had to trim some peel off the slices after the jello set, since there is no way you can get a completely even jello line at the top of the bowl. The orange jello didn't seem to set right, I think that was a generic go with Jello brand for these. They were a HUGE hit, especially with my 2 yr old niece.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I also made Chocolate dump cake for the first time: my catholic kitchen crockpot-chocolate-dump-cake

I used a crock pot liner, which made clean up a breeze!the cake turned out quite well. I served it in plastic cups topped with ice EASY!

Well there you have it! Happy pinning, crafting, cooking and creating!

thanks for reading, Julie

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