Monday, March 1, 2010

February Check-up...

Where did this month go?

Unfortunately not much in the way of preserving memories occurred during February (with the exception of decorating my savings jar)...between various commitments I have had 3 out of the 5 week days and busy weekends, semi sick children and other what scrapbook room has been seriously neglected over the last 28 days...

Looking back on my Feb. To-do list...

* create/finish WDW book for Diane- I have the album...but still need to connect w/ her and get her pictures.

* create mini WDW March 09 album-did end of Jan! (YAY!)

* create special frame-able layout of my daughter Aldine- nope...

Looking ahead to March's to-do list:

* finish my son Michael's age 6-7 album (keep in mind he is turning 11 in May)

* do years 12 (08), 13 (09), and update Christmas pictures in my wedding anniversary album

* start age 3-4 album for my daughter Mae (she is turning 8 in Nov.)

plus adding in the 2 things I did not finish from Feb...

must get a move on!

Plan to attack!

1) clean up scrapbook room...even though I have not scrapped it still is a mess

2) do the frame-able layout of Aldine

3) schedule a time to get pictures from Diane and do her book should take about 4 days if I work on in for 1 hr each day.

4) finish up Michael's Album or start and come back to, depending on the above item.

5) hopefully at least start Mae's book prior to the kids Spring Break from School the end of this month...

Whew...that is a lot, but I think if I focus it can get done...

I will let you know how I do in a month and show some I will showcase the WDW album as well!

Hope you create and preserve some memories for yourself or others this month! Plus Happy Pre-Saint Patrick's Day!

thanks for reading,



  1. Good luck getting everything on your list completed! I need to make lists...

  2. wasn't as successful as I hoped...but at least I got some stuff done