Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspired MAGIC!

From an article in a magazine...

to a BLOG site Take the Monorail .com ...

to a section called Scrapping the Magic...

to inspired MAGIC!

Just earlier today I was looking up some new Disney BLOGS and discovered an unxepected piece of MAGIC! I have been feeling bad that February has been a slump month for me in terms of Creating or Preserving anything, let alone DISNEY FUN!

I was all set the begining of the month w/ a new order of several blank chipboard albums to create for myself, friends and orders...but unfortunately that still sits unwrapped, un magic-d for almost 3 weeks now...

But today I found an inspiration to hopefully get me moving in the right direction again (as I miss my Scrap room)

As I browsed this new BLOG site I found their Crafting Some MAGIC section...and how could I resist, the 3rd thing they showed was decorating a plain mason jar into a MAGICAL Savings jar to put your spare change, etc for a Disney TRIP!

Well of course I had one of those jars filled w/ spare change:


It was kind of sad looking...

with a little adhesive, stickers, ribbion and a bit of creative MAGIC, now I have a proper DISNEY SAVINGS JAR:


Here is a closer look:


and here is my JAR back in it's spot in the kitchen:


That took me under 30 minutes to I hope I inspired you today to do something fun and MAGICAL!

thanks for reading,



  1. adorable!! I love how it is in a prominent point in your house too. :)

  2. Thanks Amy!

    and Hi Stephanie...thanks for saying "hi" too...I did the jar right before picking up 3 of 4 children from school...and my middle daughter Mae...commented on it right away, when she got home.