Thursday, September 26, 2013

vacation Photo overload: Part 2 Displaying and Showcasing

As I shared in my previous post vacation-photo-overload about some simple ways to preserve your vacation photos and memories in albums, I'd now like to share how you can display and showcase vacation memories.

From photos to souvenirs,  sand and match books, to plane tickets and more... Let's take a look at a few clever, creative and easy ways to do so.

Vacation Boxes

not a scrapper, no problem! You're bound to come home from any trip with brochures, ticket stubs, foreign money, pressed pennies, and other little flat items. Instead of tossing everything or putting in a zip-lock bag in a box in your closet, why not showcase those items.

the supplies needed for this simple project can be found at your local craft store. I bought several craft boxes, which I inked the edges with stamping ink and then used letter stamps to add the labels.

Inside I placed various items:

Mini Album Bin
this goes along with another idea I showcased in the previous post. The little timeline books I have showcased in a simple Dollar Store Bin in our living room:

Picture Frame Displays
An easy and nice way to showcase your vacations is through a wall of photos. Whether you do a collage or have a growing collection of photos taken from various trips to the same or different places. It has wonderful visual appeal and makes for a fun conversation starter.
"place of been"
 This collection is in my Aunt's home. She showcases a single landscape or focal point that represents trips and places her family has been and lived. She keeps the wall appealing by using matted black and white photos in similar frames.
I loved this idea so much, I created my own version:
"with Mickey"
Thinking beyond just a keepsake box or a framed photo on the wall, the possibilities are endless!
one jar, two get the idea. Here are two ideas of ways to showcase small mementos that we have done:
 sand and shells from a beach vacation
matchbook collection from many different restaurants

Finally here are some other unique ways to showcase and preserve your vacations memories that I found on pinterest:
Vacation rocks
Trip Shadow boxes


for more inspiration I have a travels memories board on my pinterest page:
so print some pictures, take out those souvenirs and share away! Thanks for reading, Julie

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