Friday, September 6, 2013

Fix-It-Friday: simple picture wall

It has been awhile since I shared a fix-it-Friday project...or maybe since I've had time for a little project

Today these blank walls needed some fixing

Quite awhile back when we rearranged some furniture around in our family room/kitchen space, my husband had planned to make some custom shelving to fit in this nook around the desk. Unfortunately life happens (flood) and the walls have just remained a blank canvas.

I bought a hanging pocket organizer for my children to drop school mail in for me to look at. It was just lonely hanging there. So I was inspired by the fact, I have plenty of blank frames and tons of art work from my own little Picasos and Reniors, why not showcase some of that!

I picked out some frames and artwork, plus a few other pieces that currently were not hung up anywhere

this is where the fix-it-Friday comes into play. How do you get all of that on those blank walls with out having six sets of hands to hold each piece up?

Masking tape is your answer!

I taped off the edges of each frame

to make an outline and then began placing these tape frames on the wall

Now I could see how each frame would fit

next was hanging each piece up. For another masking tape trick, I marked from the top of the frame to wear the nail would need to be:

placed the marked piece of tape on the wall and hammer in the nail

PERFECTION! well to a degree :-)

thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to fix-it-Friday! Julie

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