Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm still here and ready to craft again...

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted here and almost equally as long that I have scrapped or crafted at all....

That little thing called life really hasn't gotten in the way for early September of last year I began working full time again in my home as a full time caregiver to my then 3 month old niece Izzy. How quickly I remembered how busy babies are :-)

Then as the fall progressed things got very busy keeping up w/ the demands of the needs of my own children and I was eagerly planning a much needed 5 day getaway w/ my wonderful husband Matt to celebrate our 15 Wedding Anniversary at WDW, in October.

Right after we got home, he started experiencing horrible pain in his neck and shoulder and we found out that he would require another spinal fusion...everything pretty much stopped at that point...

Fash forward thru the holidays and into the new year, we managed to take another trip back to WDW this time w/ the was one of the BEST yet...and then starting last month I began watching another little baby full time...yes I'm that crazy ;-)

But now between having a bunch of new Disney pictures, new scraps poking materials thanks to my Aunt and a newly updated scrapbook room thanks to my husband rescuing 8 ft of countertop and cabinets I'm ready to get back into the groove!

So please stay tuned!


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