Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crafting with Kids: Homemade Birdfeeders

As our Summer vacation is winding down, yesterday I wanted to make sure we checked another item off the Summer Wish List!

**make birdhouses**

(we actually made birdfeeders instead)
it wasn't that hard and as long as you have some clean empty milk cartons or any type of container or box. you are set! Here is a pictorial how to:
Supplies needed: plastic drink jug or cardboard juice carton. marker/pen, cutting tool, glue, paintbrushes, tissue paper (yarn, "roofing material", and popsicle stick or thick plastic straw for bird perch-these items not pictured)

1) mark on carton with the pen openings on each side of your carton/jug, then cut out

2) cut up tissues into squares/rectangles and water down glue with some water


3) let kids have at it! Using glue and paintbrush to adhere the tissue onto carton/jug

4) After tissue paper has dried, punch a hole in top of carton and add a piece of twine (or yarn)

5) cut slits into the spout of carton

6) trim out with a cutting tool so the edge is flat

7) cut a small hole on each side to insert plastic straw or popsicle stick (I added hut glue to secure in place)

I added "roofing" by gluing on two paint chips

Fill with seeds

Hang to ENJOY!
thanks for reading and happy crafting, Julie
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