Wednesday, May 8, 2013

39 Days till Disney!

So how does one go about planning and preparing for a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida?

it shouldn't be as scary as a Hitchcock Film:

but actually kind of FUN...well fun for me ;-)
Lets take a look at some steps I take...
  1. Pick your Dates: my family is going in June
  2. Decide on how you will get there: we are driving
  3. Where will you stay? choices range from off site hotels, vacation rentals to on site resorts: we are staying on site at our Disney Vacation Club rental
  4. How long will you go for? we are staying 7 days
  5. Of those days, how many will you go into the theme parks? YES you can actually plan rest time at Disney, we always do! We will be going into the parks 5 out of 7 days
  6. Budget! yes this is very important...
  7. Dining...will you eat breakfast in hotel, pack snacks for in the parks, dine at any table service places? lots to think about. We utilize our full kitchen in our rental and do a combination of the above.
  8. Make an ITINERARY! Yes you need to do this...from the basic of we'll go to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday morning and Friday night, to which rides/attractions you want to try and do each time...
  9. Make a TOP 5 List...I always ask each member of my family what are the TOP 5 things you MUST do? from going on a specific ride more than, eating a certain snack, to seeing a character. There is SO MUCH to do at Disney, you can easily get overwhelmed...this breaks it down into doable chunks.
  10. Schedule that REST time! whether its in the park in a shady spot, back at your resort-taking a nap or visiting the pool. This is essential to any Disney trip...even those short ones. With our family going in June, we will arrive at the parks early, then rest/swim in the afternoon-heat of the day and then go back to the parks in the evening.
  11. Souvenir Shopping. OK there is no way around this. The gifts shops are EVERYWHERE, several rides' exit lines "dump" you into a gift shop. Set clear boundaries of when you stop to shop or look. Set clear $ budgets or how many souvenirs your children can get (don't forget yourself).
  12. FREEBIES! yes they exist! you can get Celebration buttons at any theme park, park maps-my oldest daughter collects them, at EPCOT, you can get a free souvenir cut out and get it stamped or signed at each Country in the World Showcase pavilion.
  13. want to take time to see them. Check times guides upon arrival into the theme park to see where and when your favorites will be out. Mickey Mouse can be seen at each theme park.
  14. Fast Passes! USE THEM! don't wait in an attraction line for over 30 minutes, when you can grab a Fast Pass and come back later during a specific hour and probably only wait 15 minutes or less.
  15. Packing...this is tricky. Decide will you do laundry while on vacation? All resorts have coin operated machines. It can be time consuming or are on vacation after all. But believe me if you decide to do laundry at least once, you wont regret it.
  16. What do you need in the Parks? lightweight sweatshirt, water bottles, hand wipes, sunscreen, wear a hat, sunglasses, bring ponchos (the $1 store ones can work, but they wont last if you need to use them more than once), comfy shoes (break them in BEFORE you go), camera, something for characters to sign, and any personal items you need.
There are more things you can do and will need to decide, but that's the cream of the my honest opinion. Now how about some CRAFTY FUN while you countdown and get ready for this trip!
What are some of my

 that my family is getting ready to go?
Countdown is up and filled with fun little activities to help us get even more excited. I have Disney games, movies, crafts, and themed meals planned.
Dates are marked on the calendar!
Itinerary is worked out

Trip Binder is getting filled with important reminders and notes about our trip:
Some of our Disney bags have been pulled from storage 
Disney boxes are out with trip items specific to travel and to the lines goodies, autograph binder, ponchos, etc.

Disney gift card stash has begun!
New and Old Disney shirts are being pulled, awaiting packing....
Fun Etsy purchases are arriving, like these adorable homemade character inspired dresses for my daughter Naomi-Ruth:
Stay tuned for some more Crafty ways to add MAGIC to your upcoming Disney (or any vacation) this Summer!
thanks for reading, Julie


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