Friday, February 1, 2013

Fix-It: Home Command Central: operation fridge information

Here is the conclusion to our home's new Command central area....the fridge information highway :-)

Reminder of how it looked before:

a bit messy, disorganized and items on fridge that really were not in use or helping with home function (ie the chore chart...its under those notes)

To start any fix-up need two things:

A Clean Slate

and some inspiration, mine came from pinterest (but of course)

My Finished Project:

it may not look as fancy or a cute as my inspiration photos above, but so far it is working out quite nicely! I want to expand the area to the walls on either side of our Laundry room. I have some boards up, but now i have new plans to make this how entry way work better for all of us.

 After pulling everything off, sorting into piles, and deciding want i needed to be on the fridge; I basically added another magnetic file/paper holder (found at Target), a magnetic flip sorter, a magnetic list maker, some pictures and inspirational/happy thoughts.

The flip chart holds our basic master weekly calendar, a family chore chart and the "What's Cooking?" for dinner. plus room for a few other items. I found the various printables on truly is amazing what other people have come up and share their ideas for you to implement into your daily lives :-)

The two magnetic file holders are split into 4 sections:
take-out menus
school/activity calendars
phone books (school, clubs, church)
chore/practice charts

***Note I will share more on these cool charts I found on freeprintablebehaviorcharts in another post, but lets say so far the kids and Mom like them!

Well get busy and get organized.

thanks for reading, Julie

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